Written by Jennifer Turner

How to find the latest quartz surfaces for your dream kitchen

Caesarstone’s new swatch book explores the possibilities of quartz for your kitchen’s surfaces.


kitchen with stone island and wood cabinet doors

While there are other kitchen surfaces, do any have the enduring appeal of quartz? A natural mineral, quartz’s beauty is combined with properties that make it ideal for use in the kitchen. Hard-wearing, it’s durable, hygienic and built to last. That means it’s ideal for busy families, while retaining its unique beauty for decades.

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The latest quartz worktops, such as those from Caesarstone, incorporate pigments and polymers through a patented process that enhances the look and the stain-resistant properties of the surface.

quartz surface with variety of quartz samples and food ingredients

A superior swatch book

To help you get a true sense of the transformative powers of a quartz worktop, Caesarstone have just launched the 2021 edition of their swatch book. This comprehensive and useful book is very much a how-to guide for using Caesarstone worktops and more in your home – whether in the kitchen or bathroom.

coffee maker and glass on top of quartz worktop

The book features design guidance from interior designers and interiors columnists 2LG Studio, a ‘designing Caesarstone’ feature with Caesarstone’s head of design Mor Krisher discussing the influences of their latest product launches, and a guide to how a Caesarstone surface can be cut for a typical U-shaped kitchen and typical kitchen layouts and edge profiles.

Download your copy

For those planning a kitchen refresh or refurb, the swatch book’s main feature is essential. It contains full slab swatches alongside 1:1 scale sections, so that you can get a vivid picture of how a Caesarstone quartz surface would look in your kitchen.

detail of the pattern on a piece of black quartz


Caesarstone’s innovative approach to their products has seen them move away from flat uniformity in the design of surfaces, introducing more textural movement, more organic vein structures and more tonal shifts across the surfaces. The swatch book therefore gives you a better chance to appreciate the complete design, as opposed to small material samples.

room with chairs and tables with plants on top

Download your free copy and you’ll be able to see exactly how a quartz surface can help you achieve the perfect design for your homes. And with a 25 year warranty as standard, you’ll be making an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.