Written by Hayley Gilbert

Range cookers: a buyer’s guide

Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation or are simply in the market for a new oven, there’s a lot to be said for a range cooker. Wider than a standard oven, they offer more in the way of space, smart features and multi-function cooking. Plus, freestanding cookers look great and often help heat the whole kitchen. Choose the right one for your home with the Good Homes range cooker guide…

1. Best value: Belling’s Farmhouse 90E

Choose from electric, induction, gas and dual fuel options with Belling’s Farmhouse 90E electric range cooker, which has a tall, 91-litre oven, five-zone ceramic hob and a second fanned oven with 10 settings, including slow cook and defrost, plus variable grill. Shown in classic cream, it also comes in silver or blackAvailable in all fuel types to suit every kitchen. Price: £1,008

Belling range cooker in lemon

Belling Farmhouse 90E electric range cooker

2. Best for even cooking: Fisher & Paykel OR90SCG4B1

Cook several dishes at the same time with this spacious 90cm dual fuel cooker from Fisher & Paykel. The OR90SCG4B1 has nine oven functions from pastry bake to pizza mode and a finely tuned five-burner hob control that allows you to sear, stir fry or simmer delicate sauces to perfection. It also has AeroTech to evenly circulate air for perfect results on every oven shelf. Price: £3,245

Fisher & Paykel OR90SCG4B1 range cooker

Fisher & Paykel OR90SCG4B1

3. Best for multi-function: Rangemaster Elise 

Rangemaster’s Elise 90cm dual fuel cooker in Mineral Green has a chic French look with a multifunction oven that offers seven functions designed for every dish including crisping pizza bases and browning pasta bakes. There’s also a second fanned oven, five-burner gas hob with sturdy cast iron pan supports, multi-ring burner and wok cradle. Price: £2,545

Rangemaster Elise: best multifunctional range cooker

Rangemaster Elise

4. Best for batch cooking: Leisure Cuisinemaster Pro PR100F530K

The Leisure 100cm Cuisinemaster Pro PR100F530K is ideal for entertaining with its large 75-litre oven capacity. It also has a tall fan oven for batch cooking, five-burner gas hob with wok burner and an extended ceramic zone with cast iron griddle plan as a healthy alternative to frying. Added features include premium metal knobs, touch control, catalytic liners and telescopic shelf. Price: £1,169

Leisure Cuisinemaster Pro is the best range cooker for batch cooking

Leisure Cuisinemaster Pro PR100F530K

5. Best for self cleaning: Smeg Portofino CPF9GPOR

Add a burst of colour to the kitchen with Smeg’s Portofino CPF9GPOR 90cm induction range cooker in orange. The induction hob is safe for families with young children as it’s the pan that heats up rather than the hob. Plus, it’s energy efficient and easy to wipe clean. The Pyrolytic multifunction oven makes life simpler too. Price: £3,059

Smeg Portofino is the best range cooker for self cleaning

Smeg Portofino

6. Best for techies: Stoves Precision Deluxe S1000DF 

Stoves’ Precision Deluxe S1000DF 100cm dual fuel cooker comes with plenty of benefits for keen cooks. There’s a Proflex converter to split one of the ovens into two, creating four ovens when you need them, a six-burner gas-through-glass hob with PowerWok burners, app-controlled timer and Umbra black glass doors that become transparent when cooking so you can keep a close eye on your cooking. Price: £1,995

Stoves’ Precision Deluxe S1000DF range cooker is best for techies

Stoves Precision Deluxe S1000DF

7. Best for energy efficiency: Everhot 100+

Want to warm your whole kitchen this winter? With Forest Green the latest colourway in the collection, the Everhot 100+ has hand-built electric heat storage that uses half the energy of comparable models. Ideal for open-plan spaces, it comes in 20 colours and six sizes including this 100cm-wide model. Price: £8,790

Everhot 100+ is the best range cooker for energy efficiency

Everhot 100+

8. Best for the indecisive: Aga Masterchef Deluxe 110

Love the look of an Aga but not ready to commit to installing a heat-storing range in your home? The iconic brand also offers more contemporary ovens, including the Aga Masterchef Deluxe 110. Not only does this electric model have four compartments, including two ovens, a glide-out grill and a slow cooker, it features a smart induction hob for super safe cooking. Price: £4,940