3 high-end home features perfect for afternoon tea

By Hayley Gilbert

Everyone loves a taste of the high life. Experiences such as taking an exotic holiday, sipping cocktails in a cocktail bar and enjoying afternoon tea at The Ritz are just some of those moments that could be savoured on a regular basis were it not for the expense, location and stress. Even just a simple cream tea can be a social minefield when you factor in which cake fork to use and whether to spread jam or cream first.

But don’t fret, as there is a way to host some of these experiences and make memories from the comfort of your own home using a tailor-made kitchen dresser unit from Masterclass Kitchens. No need to worry about the cost, travel or inconvenience, as you will have everything you need at your fingertips.

Perfect for living a life of luxury without the price tag to match, these dressers allow you to save money in the long run while enjoying the high life. And you can dunk those biscuits as much as you like!

Hosting high tea

Let’s begin with that popular daytime event, high tea. The main difference between afternoon tea and high tea is that the former is served at 4pm and the latter, between 5pm and 7pm, though both can count as a cream tea so long as they include scones. Got it? Other than the time difference, they’re much the same with cakes, finger sandwiches, pots of tea and a good old natter.

Hosting your own high tea at home is simple with Masterclass Kitchens’ Breakfast Dresser. Originally designed to house tea, coffee and breakfast items, this handy cabinet is more than just a tea and coffee station – it’s a high-end teahouse in a foldaway box.

(Host high tea with Masterclass Kitchens’ Breakfast Dresser)

Your dresser can be used to store all sorts of kitchenware, from bone china teacups and teapot to a state-of-the-art coffee machine and more, all in one handy spot. What’s more, the dresser is available in a wide choice of styles and colours with bi-folding doors that hide any clutter from view.

Wine-tasting experiences

A slice of lemon drizzle and a pot of Earl Grey are undoubtedly delicious but sometimes you need something more. A wine-tasting experience is the perfect excuse to invite friends round and it’s an ideal afternoon tea for nightlife lovers.

Masterclass Kitchens’ Bar Dressers have all the versatility of a wine storage cabinet and home bar unit in one. Designed with a drinks shelf and hanging wine glass rack, these tall drinks cabinets are ideal for showing off your finest Sauvignon and Chablis.

(Bar Dressers are ideal for hosting a wine-tasting evening at home)

And if that isn’t enough, you could always include a wood-effect Wine Drawer in your kitchen design. In warming Portland Oak or Tuscan Walnut, this expertly crafted drinks cabinet sits within a base unit and is top-lit by energy efficient LEDs to display your prized collection.

(A Wine Drawer is the perfect addition to your kitchen)

Designed for drinks connoisseurs of all varieties, a Bar Dresser can also be used as a swanky cocktail cabinet or whiskey cabinet and looks stunning teamed with one of our Freestanding Kitchen Islands, perfect for guests to gather round.

Bespoke luxury holidays

Why not recreate the memories of a special holiday in the comfort of your own home? Whether you want to reminisce over a luxurious break in Bali, relive the opulence of the Orient Express or admire mementos brought back from a Mexican adventure, you can use Masterclass Kitchens’ Display Dressers to show off your keepsakes and treasures.

(Show off mementos from far-flung holidays in a Display Dresser)

The ultimate curio cabinet with LED spotlights and a reflective back, these mirrored cupboards are the chameleons of kitchen furniture. Yes, they can hold travel mementos but they can also be used to store glassware, artisan oddities and any other collections you want to have on display.

And thanks to space-saving wingline doors, yours can hide away its contents in an instant whenever you need to tailor the cabinet to suit present company.

Tea party hosting extras

Having friends or family over for afternoon tea is just the beginning. After all, there are always garden parties and celebratory banquets to plan for the future. Whatever you have coming up on the calendar, Masterclass Kitchens has you covered, with its range of kitchen pantries and larders, too.

You can find your nearest Masterclass Kitchens’ showroom here, where their partners will be delighted to plan the perfect space for you and your home.

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