Written by Chanelle Moult

Why washable paint is perfect for busy homes


Wipe-clean and washable paint to help homes stay gorgeous.

 pink living area

No-one wants paint that looks tired or needs retouching – busy homes need paint that will last. Crown Paints have the solution…

Looks that last

Homes with high-traffic areas are hard to keep looking perfect. Paint gets knocked, stained and marked. Children’s greasy fingers leave tell-tale prints, dirty shoes take their toll on your hallway, cooking splashes on the walls and spillages go exactly where you don’t want them to go. The last thing you want to do is have to touch up the paint, leaving it uneven or, even worse, redecorate altogether.

white and blue painted stairs

In others words, today’s homes need tough paint that stays looking beautiful no matter what life throws at it. Which is why Crown Paints have formulated their easyclean range – tough, durable and washable but in shades that can truly lift your home.

Scrubs up nicely

You often don’t notice the toll everyday life takes on the finish of your home. Wet dog paws? Muddy shoes leaning against the skirting board? Happily, you can apply easyclean matt emulsion for a stylish no-shine finish and reap the benefits of a paint that has been independently tested for scrub and stain resistance.

childrens bedroom with toys and bed

200 times tougher than standard matt emulsion, Crown’s easyclean paint works on walls, metalwork and wood, and can be wiped clean without ruining the look or finish. With shades of grey, blue, yellow, reds, neutrals and more, you can combine colours to get a perfect, long-lasting, on-trend look.

bold radiator on bright wall 

See it in the flesh

Crown Paint will be showcasing easyclean and the rest of their range at the Ideal Home Show, where they’re sponsoring the Good Homes room sets. You’ll be able to see how stunning these colours look up-close and get some inspiration for your next makeover or project.

cases and typewriter infront of dark wall

You can also find the perfect colours for your home and try them out before you commit to buying when you choose individual paint tester pots. Try out different shades and combinations then take your pick of more than 50 colours in the easyclean matt range.

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