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Ventilation home kits for a healthy home

April 6, 2021

An essential guide to Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery – what it is and what it does


With homes increasingly airtight, how do we make sure that our families get the fresh, healthy air they need? Enter MVHR…

hand holding smartphone with app in front of ventilation unit


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What is MVHR?

MVHR stands for Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery and, while that might not just trip off the tongue, it’s an increasingly popular and energy efficient way to introduce fresh, healthy air into homes.

Modern homes are increasingly focused on cutting both emissions and energy bills, and one of the best ways to do that is with airtightness – doors, windows and more that trap heat in. However, while doing that, they also prevent air being replenished. MVHR is ventilation that helps to cut down on heat loss while also removing stale, polluted air and replacing it with fresh.

diagram showing how a heat recovery ventilation system works

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Do I need MVHR?

There is growing evidence that modern homes, especially self builds and those that have undergone extensive modernisation, don’t have sufficient indoor air quality. Poor ventilation can lead to reduced oxygen and increases CO2, while mould spores and condensation provide a breeding ground for illness vectors.

Your airtight home might be warm and your energy bills lower, but you’ll end up opening windows and doors to deal with this problem – and all that hard work going to waste. MVHR works around this by removing the heat from stale air and transferring it to the new air it pumps through your house.

a home ventilation kit

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Is installing MVHR difficult?

Thankfully, it’s not. Blauberg’s heat recovery ventilation home kits can be installed by competent DIYers, although you can also choose to have a tradesperson fit it for you. Kits come in various sizes, covering flats, apartments and houses of all sizes. Once installed, these kits are simplicity itself to control, using a smart home system from your tablet or smartphone. It will immediately start to extract the stale and wet air from your home’s moister rooms, filter it and pump it into your living areas. Pollen, hay fever and allergy filters are all fitted too, meaning your new, fresh air can make a real difference for those who suffer from allergic rhinitis and more.

top down view of house showing where a ventilation system could be installed

Image: Blauberg

To discover more about home ventilation kits and their benefits for your house and family, get in touch with Blauberg.