The perfect paint for the family home

August 18, 2020

Even if you have an active family that are prone to making a mess, you can ensure your paint looks pristine with this easyclean paint.


bedroom with bed table and lamp

Image: Crown Paints

Walls don’t stay clean for long when you’ve got a family. Fingerprints, splashes of food and drink, knocks and scuffs, the dog shaking the muddy water from their coat. The answer? This easyclean paint that’s perfect for busy family homes…

Wash and wear

modern furniture in front of wall painted pink

Image: Crown Paints

The best way to avoid having to retouch or redecorate your house is to opt for a hard-wearing paint that is also washable. easyclean is the affordable, easy solution that’s perfect for any surface or room in your house. With a durable finish that’s 200 times stronger and more washable than Crown’s standard matt paint, you can rest assured of a shine-free finish that will let your kids live life to its fullest during the school holidays. Grease? Mud? Let them do their worst – this paint can take it.

The sustainable choice

blue sofa with cushions blue wall and curtains

Image: Crown Paints

By opting for easyclean, you’re also making a sensible environmental choice. You can simply scrub your paint clean of the splashes and spills, instead of buying more paint to touch up – and it also means you can avoid touching up small areas and leaving an uneven finish. Even better, there are over 50 colours to choose from and they all come in a 100% recycled pack.

Discover more

view of front door from hallway of house

Image: Crown Paints

To see the superb shades of easyclean up close, look out for Crown Paint at the Ideal Home Show in March 2021. They’ll be showcasing the paint, including a live product demonstration on stage.

Look out too on social media for the #easyclean challenge which launches in August, with prizes to be won and events taking place inside Homebase during September. You can buy Easyclean from Homebase online and in branches, and at Crown Decorating Centres. Try a paint tester pot to find your perfect shade, from vibrant reds to classy neutrals and dramatic blues.