Period home called Dunsley House

The 7 most popular features we look for in a period home

September 6, 2019

The joys of living in a period home are many. Whether it’s Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian, you’re residing in a place with its own history and a distinctly quirky charm. What is it that we all love about classic homes?

Period home called Dunsley House

Here our top seven picks of what people appreciate in houses of different architectural styles – and how homeowners can make sure they maintain them, add value and boost kerb appeal if they’re looking to sell…


Gardens and greenery

Sash window looking out over the garden at Stavley Court

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your home is, you can really undermine it by neglecting your outside space – and really enhance it with some green fingers. A manicured lawn is a great start, as is a riot of colour in flower beds – both can provide a jolt of life that contrasts beautifully with an imposing period home. And if you don’t have much space to play with, a simple window box or hanging planter can be the key to making your exterior magnetic.


Peerless period details

One of the most eye-catching things about any classic home is its period details. For some people, it can be the thing they swoon over. Whether it’s elaborate cornicing. Georgian dado rails, decorative ceiling roses or plaster friezes, keep them in good order and they’re a fine feature to treasure.


Wonderful windows

Large sash windows in period home with sofa light and rug

Windows are among the most vital parts of a period home, both in terms of light and aesthetics. Whether it’s casement windows or sash windows, these are key to your place’s innate charm. You’ll need to keep them in good repair, however, to eliminate cold and noise, which you can do with sash window repair. Of course, if you’re living in a listed building, sash window renovation is a little more complicated, but experts are on hand to guide you through the process so you don’t fall foul of any rules or regulations.


Fabulous fireplaces

A vintage fireplace can really be the focal point of a room – a talking point that also provides warmth, snugness and cheer in colder months. Frame it with complementary or contrasting objects or look at colours that will frame it and truly accentuate one of your home’s great features.


Old meets new

navy blue living room in Grange Thorpe

Mixing timeless features with the very best of modern style and design doesn’t have to jar. Sometimes it can really show both off at their best. You could revamp one room, for example, upcycle old furniture or mix-and-match vintage and contemporary knick-knacks. Another way is to upgrade features – you could speak to timber window experts and apply the energy efficiency of double-glazing to classic sash windows, a perfect blend of old and new.


Classic kitchen

large sash windows in shaker style kitchen looking out over Stavley Court gardens

Kitchens are one area where period features can be swamped under a tidal wave of modern gadgetry. What people crave about period kitchens is their sense of space, built at a time when kitchens were much a focal point of the home. If you do choose to modernise one area – see above – then the kitchen is as good a choice as any, just retain that spaciousness.


Bold bathrooms

You can really go to town with a period bathroom, even if the original features aren’t fit for purpose anymore. It’s simple to unearth wonderful vintage bathroom suites, cast iron baths, sanitaryware and gleaming taps that still look as though they were designed when Queen Victoria was perched on her throne. Soak in style yourself, or let prospective buyers get a glimpse of a bathroom that blends with the rest of your heritage home.


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