interior of room with high windows yellow seat and drinks cabinet

Superb sash windows for home makeovers

October 1, 2020

Renovation is all the range – and timber windows add style and value


2020 has seen a spike in home renovation projects as many of us have traded moving house or going on holiday for some improvements to our current homes. Lockdown has led to a renovation renaissance…

interior of room with high windows yellow seat and drinks cabinet

Image: Ventrolla

Giving back to your home

2020 hasn’t panned out how any of us had foreseen, but while we’ve been unable to travel the world and the housing market has slowed down, one of the few positives is that more of us have been renovating our homes than ever before.

There has been a huge resurgence in home improvements from the small scale to the grand, with money we might have spent on trips, meals and more being redirected into sprucing up where we live. If we’re going to be inside our homes more than ever before, we might as well make them look beautiful and better to live in, right?

close up detail of sash window with model ship inside

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Windows with a classic look

One of the most popular renovation projects that can breathe new life – and light – into a house is the addition or renewal of sash windows. This is a timeless look that adds value because of the undeniable aesthetic appeal and the craftmanship involved.

The views from our homes have never been more important, and we all have a renewed appreciation of the simple pleasure of feeling connected to the world outside our windows. Casement and timber window technology has come a long way over the years, with double glazed sash windows delivering classic kerb appeal with modern energy efficiency.

The Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) ensures you won’t feel any draughts, while warmth inside. Security and noise dampening are all part of the package too, with bespoke solutions available if you have original single-glazed sash windows.

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Image: Ventrolla

Out with the old…

Many projects were put on hold at the start of lockdown, but now is the time to get back into gear, with expert help available to guide you through what’s available. Sash window experts Ventrolla can assist with you brand new windows, but also with sash window repairs.

Want to say goodbye to a rattle or suffering from dastardly damp or regrettable rot? Ventrolla only use master craftsmen who will help maintain the charm and style of your original windows while restoring them to their former glory, no matter how old. If it’s time to upgrade your home, it’s time to upgrade your windows.

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