wilko storage boxes, shelving and clock in a compact living room

Small space living tips for teeny tiny homes

August 14, 2019

If lack of room is the problem, look to these clever style tips to ensure you make use of your precious limited space.

wilko storage boxes, shelving and clock in a compact living room

Image: Wilko

Take heed of these 5 style rules to nail small space living.


If space is super-tight, opt for furniture that earns its stripes – from hidden fitted storage or ingenious dual-purpose pieces to space-saving extendable options.


Give a small space a focal point by papering a wallbehind a unit or shelving.


Every home has its own clutter hotspot, so include plenty of small-scale storage solutions to tame all those random odds and ends.


Free-up floor space by opting for wall-mounted shelves, tabletops and wall units.

Leaving floors clear creates an illusion of space and will make a room feel bigger.


Take storage up a level with a slimline ladder shelf or tiered shelving unit.

They work in any room, space or alcove – simply prop up against a wall or shift around a room.


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