Spare room ideas: make the most of your space

February 16, 2021

Not sure how to successfully utilise your spare room? Take a look at some of these stylish design ideas.

Sofology Sofa Bed, £1129,

Image: Sofology

The spare room often turns into a dumping ground for belongings that don’t have a home anywhere else. Even if you’ve managed to squeeze in a sofa bed – a cluttered room, even if you don’t use it every day, is far from ideal, so take this opportunity to design your spare bedroom exactly how you want it.

The spare room that does everything

guest room design ideas- simple design ideas for your spare bedroom - inspiration -

Image: Cuckooland

If you’re in need of a room that satisfies many different functions, then design a room that does everything! Avoid the space becoming too cluttered by opting for compact furniture, such as a single bed and slimline desk. We love the above guest bedroom design from Cuckooland for its neutral colour palette – if you’re designing a room that needs to be a bedroom, office and walk-in wardrobe, keeping it simple will help avoid it ending up looking too busy.

A cosy snug

Image: HomeSense

If you’ve got all the storage that you need and simply want a tranquil room to relax in, then turn your spare room into a cosy snug. It’s a great opportunity to be a bit more bold with your styling. For example, if there’s a statement rug or piece of furniture that you love but can’t find room for in one of your main living spaces, then proudly display it in here.

Multi-functional furniture in your spare room

boho guest bedroom- simple design ideas for your spare room - inspiration -

Image: IKEA

We love this IKEA set-up as it plays with traditional positioning of furniture. Rather than butting your sofa or day bed up to the wall, Ikea have placed it in the middle of this spare room and used the headboard as a divider to separate the seating from a small office space. Multi-functional furniture should be a key element of a spare room if you’re wanting it to fulfill multiple functions.

A dressing room

Dressing table spare room idea

Image: Cult Furniture

Fed up of squeezing in the bathroom to get ready and finding storage solutions for all of your products? Using your spare bedroom as a dressing room could be a simple design solution. Start with a spacious dresser, mirror and comfy seating for that perfect boudoir look.

Untapped laundry space

Image: Scavolini

Fed up of your laundry overtaking your bedroom and kitchen? Dedicate your spare room to the task! With designated clothes rails, ironing board areas, and even a tumble dryer and washing machine able to be kept upstairs, you’ll be able to tackle each load in peace (and close the door on it when you need to!).

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Home office

Next Home Minimalist Spare Room office idea

Image: Next

Unsurprisingly, many of us have transformed our spare room into an office to combat the new work from home order. Nonetheless, try to keep it looking as sleek and stylish as the rest of your home by adopting a minimalist approach like in this offering from Next, with plenty of storage to make sure your work can be tidied away at the end of the day.


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