5 clever ideas for using rugs in your home

August 19, 2020

Whether you want to cover your unsightly floors, add warmth to a room or simply want to make a statement, a rug could be your perfect design choice. Good Homes speaks to Daniel Prendergast from The Rug Seller to discover some fun and creative rug ideas to help you style your home like a pro.

Layer it up

“Using more than one rug in a space makes a strong design feature. Purposefully clashing designs can look fantastic; juxtaposition bold bright patterns with monochrome zig zags, or florals with stripes,” says Daniel. “A good tip is to look at rugs within the same range as they will often complement each other in texture, colour and style, where you can opt for two slightly different designs.”

layered rugs - 5 clever and creative ways of using rugs - inspiration -

The Rug Seller

Zone a space

If you’re working with an open-plan home, an easy way to zone off different spaces is to use rugs. Separate a kitchen from a dining area with a statement rug, or why not make a reading corner stand out with a patterned, fun design.

“Round rugs around the home can easily create a focal point or emphasise a particular piece of furniture,” continues Daniel. “Circular rugs work great in larger dining rooms and can give the room symmetry or highlight a particular object in a lounge area. They can also be effectively used in bedrooms by obscuring part of the rug underneath the bed to create an interesting feature.”

dining room rug - 5 clever and creative ways of using rugs - inspiration -

Furniture Choice

Hang on a wall

Fed up of you outdated gallery wall? Add texture to your walls by hanging a beautifully detailed rug. This styling tip is perfectly suited to a boho-inspired space or for those that like to be totally unique. This is also a great idea suited to renters who want to add interest to their walls but can’t commit to anything permanent.

The Rug Seller

The Rug Seller

Time to drape

Rugs don’t just add texture to your floors, they can bring a different texture to your furniture too. Drape a faux fur rug over your sofa or footstool to bring some autumnal flair and cosiness to your space. Alternatively, if you’re not so keen on your current sofa, this is a nifty technique for disguising it.

And so to shop

And so to shop

Opt for a runner

“Runners are really versatile, and can work in hallways, kitchens, by patio doors as well as either side of a bed to add an instant hit of pattern and comfort,” suggest Daniel. A runner placed in a slim space elongates it and makes it look even longer than it is. Create warmth under foot in a cold kitchen with a rug runner.

kitchen runner - 5 clever and creative ways of using rugs - inspiration -