Inset wood burner in a blue living room

Replacing your wood burner? Make sure it’s an Ecodesign ready stove

November 9, 2020

Cut your home’s emissions by opting for one of the next generation of wood burners.


Inset wood burner in a blue living room

Image: Stovax Vogue 700 Inset Woodburning Fire

The key differences between a modern Ecodesign stove and a non-Ecodesign stove are found inside the appliance. Today’s Ecodesign wood burners, such as the Vogue 700 Inset wood burning fire from Stovax, feature specially developed fireboxes and airflow systems that ensure that fuel is burnt with high efficiency and minimal emissions.

When compared with the performance of an older stove, Ecodesign stoves can reduce emissions by as much as 80%, minimising the impact on local air quality and reducing the build-up of tar and soot in your home’s chimney.

lounge with two sofas, rug and wood burning stove

Image: Stovax Gazco

Fuel for thought

Like all stoves and fires, Ecodesign log burners burn optimally with good quality dry wood or, if using a multi-fuel model, government approved smokeless fuels. Poor quality wood tends to have a high moisture content, which when burnt produces tar and creosote that can not only damage your flue but can also increase your risk of a chimney fire.

When it comes to buying wood for your fire, look for Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ logs with a moisture content of 15-20%, which can be burnt immediately.

lounge with sofas, wood burning stove and art on walls

Image: Stovax Gazco

Expert advice

To ensure you purchase a stove that has been independently verified as Ecodesign Ready, buy from your local expert retailer. They will also be able to offer guidance on the size of the stove suitable for your home as well as arrange for its correct installation to ensure it functions correctly. They can also advise on complementary mantels and bases for the complete look.

room with inset wood fire, seat and log store

Image: Stovax Gazco

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