Written by Jennifer Turner

Reinventing cork flooring solutions for today’s modern homes

Modern cork flooring isn’t just sustainable, it’s beautiful too…


Cork was a forgotten and unfashionable flooring choice until recently. However, as technology has changed, this carbon negative product has stated to deliver incredible looks too. It’s a floor for the future. Find out why you should consider this environmentally friendly solution…

bedroom with single bed, rug, bicycle and cork floor

Image: Amorim Cork Flooring

A corking idea

The cork of the past was an unloved thing. It saw limited use due to its hardwearing nature, but hardly delivered oomph in terms of looks or style. Happily, things have moved on apace since then. Today, it’s a material that still has the old, tried-and-trusted and verified benefits of being water resistant, resilient and comfortable to walk on, but with good looks baked in too.

New methods and techniques mean that cork flooring such as that from Amorim Wise delivers the kinds of innovative look that homeowners demand, in a variety of styles and shades that work with different types of décor. Even better, it’s one of the most eco-friendly elements you can add to your home too.

Cork against carbon

When considering a range such as Amorim Wise’s Inspire 700, your decision may just be aesthetic, but if it’s an environmental one as well, you’re making a wise choice. Consisting purely of cork combined with recycled materials, this flooring achieves a negative carbon balance – the production process removes more CO2 from our planet than it creates.

This means that if your family cares about its carbon footprint, it’s the obvious choice. It’s family-friendly in other ways too, with a soft and slightly yielding texture that feels great underfoot – you and your children will be able to go barefoot.

woman sat on floor, leaning on radiator as she reads

Image: Amorim Cork Flooring

Sustainability and style

A sustainable floor is all well and good, but it needs to do more and that. It also needs to deliver performance and looks. Happily, this range ticks those boxes too.

Its properties extend beyond comfort underfoot to natural thermal insulation, great acoustic shielding – no clattering footsteps as on tile – and high impact resistance. Cork is also water resistant, extending its utility for beyond living rooms to bathrooms and kitchens.

In terms of looks, Inspire 700 lets you introduce an element of increasingly popular biophilic trends and natural texture into your home, ideal if you want you and your dwelling to feel a direct connection to nature.

Contact Amorim Wise to discover the true beauty of their cork flooring range and try it on for size with the Amorim Wise floor simulator, a great way to see how this flooring solution would work for you.