Written by Hugh Metcalf

5 ways to bring the reeded glass trend into your home

Reeded, fluted, grooved – whatever you call it, this glass is a big trend in interiors right now. Find out how best to use it in your decorating scheme…

davonport kitchens fluted glass cabinets - inspiration - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Davonport Kitchens 

Reeded glass may have once been a retro throw back, but it’s back in style in interiors in a big way.

Offering up not only a stylish look, but working as privacy glass too, it has been adopted across almost every room in our home.

Take a look at just a handful of the ways you could introduce it into your room scheme.

Kitchen cabinetry

Hunton kitchen in Putty from second nature collection with reeded glass fronts - inspiration - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Hunton kitchen range, SN Collection 

Reeded glass is a great option for the upper run of cabinetry in your kitchen. It won’t show up dust as much as plain glass, and it still lets you get away with some degree of messy cupboards, but still helps your kitchen feel less top heavy at your eye level. Try cupboards with interior lighting for an even more dramatic statement.

Shower screen

Ripples reeded glass shower screen - inspiration - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Ripples bathrooms 

Crittall shower screens may be all the rage, but we love the idea of a fluted glass design for something a little bit different in your bathroom. If you have an open master suite, reeded glass can also help provide some much needed privacy in the bedroom.

In a door frame


For a stylish statement in between rooms, why not try replacing your internal door glass with a reeded style like Lisa Dawson? You’ll be able to find cut to measure glass at selected DIY stores or specialist glass cutters.


reeded glass cabinet in a dining room - inspiration - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Fluted glass storage cabinet, John Lewis & Partners 

Rather than taking on the major work of installing reeded glass in your home, occasional furniture is a great way to bring the trend to your space. It works great for storage pieces, offering the openness of open shelving, while being slightly more foregiving on having perfectly tidy shelves, as well as less dusting!


primark reeded glass box

Image: Primark 

From vases and decorative objects to drinking glasses, there’s plenty of ways to bring in reeded glass in a small way. And luckily, as it’s super on-trend right now, you’ll find examples of it all over the high street and beyond.


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