Written by Jennifer Turner

5 reasons to renovate your sash windows

Find out how to know when it’s time to repair your timber windows.


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Sash windows are one of the best features of both vintage and modern houses, adding classic looks, values and performance. But your older sash or timber windows might need some maintenance. Here’s what to look out for and how you can preserve your wonderful windows…

Rattle and roll

When the wind blows, you might notice some draughts and rattles coming from your sash windows. Not only will the noise start to bother you, but you’ll lose heat and will see higher energy bills, while dust may also find its way into your house.

The best way to handle this is with draught proofing, which will lead to fewer draughts, lower energy consumption (and bills!) and you won’t be bothered by chills when it gets blustery outside.

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Get rid of rot

There’s not much we can do about the trademark British weather – rain and wind when we expect it and also when we don’t! Your timber windows are your protection against this, but long exposure to the elements can lead to rot.

Leaving it alone isn’t an option – it will only get worse and problems will start to accelerate. Earlier treatment is cost effective – experts such as Ventrolla can replace the sill and lower box and remove all the rot.

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Say no to noise

If you live in a busy area, your casement windows are one of the main lines of protection against noise pollution. If you’ve noticed an increase in noise in your home, your windows could be the problem. The problems could be outdated glazing, draughts or rattles, the solution might be draught-proofing or double glazing. Book a window MOT and get to the heart of the problem.

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Fit for function

Wooden windows don’t just look amazing, they do a job too. They manage the internal temperature, work to prevent condensation and need to open and close easily without sticking. Your older windows might have issues such as being difficult to open, sticking, or refusing to stay open. You may need sash window repair and renovation to get them functioning properly.

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Lose the leaks

You may not notice it during spring and summer, but during the wetter months, you may notice what’s happening outside encroaching on your inside. Water leaks are not only unpleasant and unsightly, they can exacerbate other problems with your windows such as rot. If you feel your windows may need an MOT, get in touch with experienced experts Ventrolla.

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