contemporary interior with white sofa, colourful cushions and beige Blinds Direct curtain

Put sustainable home style at the top of your wishlist for spring

March 10, 2021

Switch up your interior scheme with chic and sustainable home buys from Blinds Direct


contemporary interior with white sofa, colourful cushions and beige Blinds Direct curtain

Image: Blinds Direct

While many of us have spent more time in the past year valuing the outdoors, we’ve also become increasingly aware of the impact our interior buying choices have on the environment. Yorkshire-based Blinds Direct has been upping its green credentials to reduce its carbon footprint and those of its customers. One way homeowners can help the environment is through their choice of materials.

Suss out sustainable style

interior of bathroom with plants and Blinds Direct white wooden shutters

Image: Blinds Direct

Real wood is a great way to add a warm, natural accent to floors, tables and window blinds. And while much of the wood used in homeware is not ethically sourced, Blinds Direct only uses wood from suppliers with trusted forest maintenance plans. Its handmade blinds, for example, are made of wood from regulated, certified suppliers.

Cotton on to eco-friendly fabrics

contemporary blue interior with Blinds Direct Harley curtain

Image: Blinds Direct

The same goes for its cotton suppliers. Blinds Direct is dedicated to sourcing cotton from members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). By doing so, this helps to make global cotton production better for producers, and for the environment it is grown in.

Resourceful recycling

modern interior with plants, full-height windows and pleated blinds by Blinds Direct

Image: Blinds Direct

Just as plastic is increasingly being recycled and made into innovative products, so are fabrics. Check out Blinds Direct’s recycled fabric ranges for Roman blinds, curtains, cushions and lampshades, all created from material that would have ended up in landfill.

Wallet-friendly window treatments

close up of Blinds Direct honeycomb blind

Image: Blinds Direct

Ever wondered why your home won’t heat up despite having the thermostat on high? That’s because much of our heat is lost through poorly insulated windows and walls. Luckily, heat-regulating thermal linings on many Blinds Direct curtains and blinds help save on pricey energy bills for heating and air conditioning.

Its new range of honeycomb blinds offers another stylish way to keep your home a comfortable temperature. Trapping air between two layers of material is an easy way to keep heat inside during winter – and outside in summer.

Prints with eco charm

collection of cushions and fabrics in stripe, spot and foliage-print designs by Blinds Direct

Image: Blinds Direct

For too long, textile dying has been the second largest contributor to water and marine pollution. Consequently, Blinds Direct is taking a more environmentally friendly approach to fabric printing with eco-friendly ink.

Be sure to look out for the recycled fabrics in Roman blinds, cushions, lampshades and curtains, plus coming soon their new in-house Sonova Studio recycled range. Featuring stylish patterns printed to order in-house, Blinds Direct are reducing transportation and waste even further.

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