Written by Jennifer Turner

How to care for concrete in your home with Osmo

Concrete is a growing interior trend – but how do you protect it against water, dirt and wear?


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Concrete can make a striking statement in modern homes, whether used as a work surface or a floor. But caring for it in the right way is important to get the best out of it. Here’s how…

Concrete progress

Concrete is an increasingly popular choice for homes, whether as part of the external shell or, more and more, for elements inside. As it’s robust, hard-wearing and more sustainable than other alternatives, it has grown in popularity as internal flooring, kitchen work surfaces or statement panels.

Whether it’s a room that’s a homage to Brutalism or simply using exposed concrete with accents to soften it, it’s a versatile way to add great aesthetics and value to homes. Happily, it also needs minimal care – simply use Osmo oil.

open plan living area with concrete worktop

Protect and enhance

While concrete can immediately add drama to a home – an industrial meets rustic combination is pretty irresistible – it does need some minimal care. Mostly that means choosing a product that enhances the natural surface while protecting it against dirt and wear and tear. Osmo concrete oil does exactly that. Made from natural oils and waxes, it impregnates the concrete and makes it highly water repellent. It has a microporous, breathable finish which doesn’t peel, flake, crack or blister.

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Solid as a rock

Is concrete all it’s cracked up to be? With the right care, yes. Easily applied, Osmo concrete oil will intensify the colour of the concrete or stone it’s applied to, while it also works a treat on unglazed tiles, microporous natural stone and screed.

You’re assured of a warm, rich colour that balances the concrete’s natural look. Because the oil acts as a natural sealant, it’s particularly perfect for kitchen worktops, where it will prevent stains, marking and bacterial growth. Discover more about Osmo concrete oil and how it can boost the look of your home’s concrete elements.

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