A woman enjoying a hot drink next to a candle

Tis the season for Christmas candles

November 5, 2019

Get ready for Christmas with evocative scented candles and Black Friday deals…


Christmas isn’t just a time for presents, stuffing turkeys and squabbling over the remote control. It’s also a time of heady, atmospheric scents and smells that truly tell you Christmas is around the corner.

A woman enjoying a hot drink next to a candle

The smells of Christmas

There are certain smells we all associate with the most wonderful time of the year. The pine of the Christmas tree, mulled wine gently bubbling away, the crackle of logs on the open fire. There’s gingerbread, cloves, cranberries and orange, plus the fruit soaking up brandy, ready for the Christmas cake.

A candle next to a cup of hot chocolate

Of course, not all of them are so traditional. Modern crisp, wintry scents that remind you of ice, snowflakes and wrapping up warm for a walk in the frost are increasingly popular. All of these scents and more can be found in the very best Xmas candles.

Christmas scented candles

Whether you’re a last minute ‘Christmasser’ or you like to get started early, you can introduce the notes of Yuletide to your house with a wonderful range of home fragrances. With colours to match the season – red, white and grey are popular and blend with most decorations – you’ll find candles perfect for a cosy Christmas Eve and others to start Christmas Day in the perfect way.

A wintry candle with throw and book

The Christmas atmosphere

Candles don’t just provide a joyous aroma, they also illuminate. Conjure up a storybook Christmas by turning the big lights low – or off – and letting intimate candles enhance the lights strung on your tree. DW Home are designed to give you exactly the sense of warmth and well-being that we all crave at this time of year.

A woman reading a book surrounded by candles

These hand-poured candles are meant to evoke moods and emotions, so choose ones that give you that snug feeling when it’s cold outside. Vanilla can help to comfort and soothe, lavender to relax, while others such as cinnamon can invigorate.

Black Friday deals

A votive candle and candle holder

One of the best ways to get ready for Christmas – which always creeps up quicker than you expect – is to shop the best Black Friday deals in candles and home fragrance. Notino will have a full week of Black Friday offers, meaning you can stock up for the festive period and have your house smelling like a dream when Santa arrives.

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