Written by Alice Butler

Make healthy, fresh air a priority with heat recovery ventilation units

Boost air quality, reduce humidity and save money with a smart, decentralised ventilation system


Contemporary dark grey handless kitchen with small white front panel of Blauberg Vento single room heat recovery ventilation unit in wall

Image: Blauberg

Whether you’re renovating the entire house or tweaking a single room, a heat-recovery ventilation unit is essential to create a comfortable and healthy home. Find out why…

Ventilation is vital

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When it comes to renovating, choosing stylish fixtures, fittings and flooring are the extras that make a home unique, but the crucial elements such as ventilation can often get overlooked.

Many spaces are prone to damp and humidity, and factors such as poor air circulation and ventilation can lead to a build-up of moisture and condensation, resulting in an unhealthy atmosphere. This can lead to mould spores, reduced oxygen and other airborne intruders, even in rooms with extractor fans, which can often feel cold as heat is sucked out.

Healthy air, comfortable room

Blauberg’s Vento decentralised single-room heat-recovery ventilation units tick all the boxes for creating a home that’s both healthy and comfortable. With myriad options for controlling single or multiple units, you can choose the system that best suits your space and lifestyle.

Cross sectional illustration of house to show whole house Vento single room heat recovery ventilation system

Image: Blauberg

Choose from four different sizes – mini, midi, maxi & duo – to provide the right airflow, humidity and noise level for your interiors. And with 93% of heat recovered, you’ll save money on your utility bills, too.

Breathe smart

open plan room in house with wooden floor, sodas, chairs and lamps

Image: Blauberg


All units are WiFi-enabled so you can adjust your ventilation from a mobile or tablet. Simply download the Blauberg app to control the air quality in your home, wherever you are.

For more information about Blauberg’s Vento single room heat recovery ventilation units, visit the Blauberg website.