Written by Chanelle Moult

Incredible wood and stone-effect floors for modern homes

Your perfect room starts from the floor up – choose a stylish and high-performance vinyl tile for a warm and oh so quiet finish.


dining area with table chairs wood style flooring

A great floor can really set the tone for your room – go for one that isn’t a headache to maintain but still oozes style. 

Star floors

bedroom with mattress on plinth shelves and ladder

It seems obvious, but a floor provides the whole foundation for your room. Whether you’re updating your look or moving somewhere new, pick the right one and it provides the perfect start when it comes to achieving the look of your dreams.

Getting the right floor surface needn’t be a headache either. Modern vinyl flooring provides a luxury feel and finish, but is also relatively simple to install compared to some of the alternatives. And with the advances made in terms of design and material, you can have the texture you desire too.

Back to nature

bathroom with white free standing bath and mirror

Moduleo specialise in a ‘true-to-nature’ design that perfectly mimics the effect of stone and wood. It draws on the patterns found in nature and transposes them to vinyl flooring in a way that looks just like the real thing.

Options range from natural oaks to stunning stone, as well as a wonderful herringbone available in different plank sizes so you can have the elegance of the timeless parquet look the way you want it. The stone variations bring an elegance that works particularly well in kitchens and bathrooms, but with none of the drawbacks – it’s always warm underfoot. 

Performance matters

warehouse style room with brown sofa and wood style floor

A floor is about so much more than aesthetics. It’s something you and your family walk on every single day, and it can affect the way you live in your home. Moduleo ensures its flooring looks the part, but also takes into account day-to-day life.

A relentless approach to research and innovation has led to gorgeous flooring that feels soft and warm underfoot but boasts ‘silent acoustics’ to dampen sound. That’s especially useful if you have children charging around upstairs, or if you live in apartments or flats.

open plan room with blue sofa brick walls and arc lamp

Resilience counts for a lot too – and Moduleo’s patented Protectonite coating means it can offer long warranties of up to 20 years. That’s because these floors are water, scratch, stain, wear and slip-resistant, offering long-term peace of mind and ease of maintenance with beauty to match. Find out more about Moduleo’s sensational range of luxury vinyl flooring and discover why your perfect home starts from the floor up.

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