Written by Jennifer Turner

How to modernise an old conservatory

Transform your outdated conservatory, both inside and out, by upgrading to a new roof.


house with conservatory with green window frames

Image: Stormclad

Your conservatory might be one of the most treasured parts of your home but, if it’s old, chances are that it has some problems. Conservatory technology has come in a long way in recent years, so it might be time to consider a refresh…

Why consider conservatory refurbishment?

There are several common issues with older conservatories. Condensation is frequently seen – not a huge surprise in a room full of glass – but easily remedied with modern high-performance glazing. Older roofs can leak, with sealant becoming damaged over time, windows can stick, and some conservatories simply can’t regulate heat. They’re too cold in winter and too hot in summer.

The good news is that all of these problems are easily addressed – changes such as a conservatory roof replacement will hugely improve the appearance and energy efficiency performance of your room.

Stone house with conservatory and flower garden

Image: Stormclad

Glass or solid roof?

With a roof replacement being one of the most reliable ways of improving your conservatory, the key thing to consider is what kind of conservatory roof you want.

A glass roof is a great addition to glazed extension and orangeries, helping you to make the most of sunlight while ensuring your conservatory doesn’t overheat. They can really help you add natural light to your home and enhance views.

A solid roof, meanwhile, offers more privacy, less glare, improved energy performance, investment potential and come with a huge range of options such as vaulted ceilings, integrated glass panels, roof lighting and more, meaning you can have the conservatory you desire.

interior of large conservatory with glass roof

Image: Stormclad

More conservatory options

The possibilities don’t end there. Tiled conservatory roofs are a very popular way of undertaking a modern conservatory replacement. They let you get the impression and style of a brick extension without actually having one and will blend seamlessly with your home. You’ll benefit from lower energy costs while enjoying great acoustic insulation for a quieter life.

conservatory with solid roof and brown wood window frames

Image: Stormclad

Alternatively, you can opt for a full replacement with a bespoke glass extension. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, they can act as new kitchen, dining room, family space or home office, all making the most of natural light. Get in touch to discover more about Stormclad’s comprehensive, versatile and state-of-the-art conservatories for the perfect modern uplift.

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