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How to improve your home with smart blinds

May 28, 2021

How the right blinds can make your place both stylish and smarter


Finding the right window covering for your home can be tricky, but Conservatory Blinds Ltd have got you covered. With over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing and installing bespoke blinds, they can find sleek solutions for any glazing. Home automation and smart products are also becoming a desired item for those looking to add value and convenience to their home. Therefore people are looking to have their blinds be just as connected.

Three Lantern Roofs With Smart Blinds

Image: Conservatory Blinds Limited

Fabulous folding and sliding doors

Folding and sliding doors are a great way to bring the outside in; helping to integrate your open plan extension with your garden space. They provide high levels of natural light making any space feel bigger and brighter. However, like with any glass room, this can cause problems with temperature control throughout the year.

Conservatory Blinds Ltd offer products which not only help to manage temperatures when it’s too hot but also when it’s too cold. As folding doors can lose vast amounts of heat through their metal frames, they also attract a lot of heat through the glazing when it’s sunny.

Anthracite Grey Folding Doors With Roller Smart Blinds

Image: Conservatory Blinds Limited

Home automation smart blinds

The Somfy® Controlled Smart Blinds are an ideal solution for bi-folding door blinds and large window blinds – allowing you to control your blinds over the internet, via a computer, smartphone or tablet using Somfy® mobile apps. You can even connect the blinds to smart home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home and use voice activation to operate your blinds – simplicity itself.

Somfy® Smart Blinds For Bi-Folding Doors

Image: Conservatory Blinds Limited

A solution for large-shaped windows

We have recently seen many architects and designers using large, shaped windows to create that much-desired ‘WOW’ factor in modern homes. While this does create a very striking look – especially if there is a nice view to admire – it also causes a lot of problems with heat control and privacy. For this reason, many customers have been looking for smart gable blind solutions to help tackle these problems head-on.

Conservatory Blind Limited’s unique pureaspect™ Gable Blinds can easily cover even large triangular shaped windows with just a few blinds, and with no unsightly wires covering the glass.

Gable Shaped Window with Home Automated Smart Blinds

Image: Conservatory Blinds Limited

Home automation for glazed roofs and lanterns

Adding elegance and class to your new home or extension is key. That being the case, many people are opting for stunning glass roof designs for a sleek finish. These include lantern roofs, skylights, sloping and lean-to style roofs.

Shaped windows and roof glazing require more complex blind systems. For this reason, Conservatory Blinds Limited recommend using their own unique puresolo™ remote control system for traditional conservatory roof blinds, which can then be integrated with any home automation system with an RS232 or RS485 interface connection. This includes popular systems such as Lutron® Home Automation, Crestron Electronics® & Rako Controls®. It’s all about modern convenience mixed with cutting-edge style to make your life easier and your home more beautiful and comfortable.

Home Extension with Smart Blinds

Image: Conservatory Blinds Limited

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