boy and girl drinking water

How to go plastic free at home

February 27, 2020

These easy to use water filters make for better tap water and less plastic waste.


boy and girl drinking water

For many people, the amount of plastic waste we generate is becoming a huge concern. A growing number of solutions are tackling this issue – including home water filters that can help make bottled water a thing of the past.

Water waste

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There are several downsides to a reliance on bottled water. Firstly, there’s the environmental impact of generating plastic bottles that can take hundreds of years to degrade. During that time, they go to landfill or end up clogging the oceans and endangering sea life.

With many households looking to reduce plastic bottle waste, a quality drinking filter can make a huge difference. You may not like the taste of your tap water, or you may be worried about impurities in it – with an easy-to-use drinking filter you can improve the taste of your water, weed out impurities and take a huge step forward in going plastic-free within your home. 

How it works

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Hydration is vital, so you want to ensure you’re drinking only the best water. While tap water in the UK is generally high quality, it does contain some impurities. Kinetico’s range of drinking water filters are designed to remove the impurities from your water supply leaving you with delicious tasting water on tap 24 hours a day. From Chlorine filtration to improve taste and smell to a high end Reverse Osmosis Filtration which remove the likes of E. Coli, lead and pesticides, there is a solution for all. Many people try to avoid those nasties by drinking bottled water, but at the expense of huge environmental impact

Fitting a water filter is easy and fuss-free and incredibly convenient – there’s no driving out to pick up more water from a supermarket – you can now enjoy chilled still and sparkling water on tap at home, 24 hours a day

Discover more about water filters

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If your aim is to go plastic-free or even just to reduce your carbon footprint, installing a water filter is a perfect first step. There’s no waste, while micro-organisms, rust and chlorine are all removed from the water you and your family drink. You’ll save money too – bottled water is expensive, while a water filter is a cost-effective way to enjoy fresh, pure water.

You can find out more by visiting Kinetico’s Water Experience Hub at the Ideal Home Show – they’re the official hydration partner. Taste their filtered water, refill your reusable bottles for free and get great ideas for going plastic free.

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