How to bring Peach Fuzz into your home

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Pantone’s eponymous Colour of the Year, and for 2024 it’s a good one. Peach Fuzz is billed as a shade that “captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others”. The soft tone sits comfortably between pink and orange, and summed up in three words Pantone say it’s “velvety”, “gentle” and “subtly sensual”.

Peach Fuzz is a versatile colour that can be used in a multitude of ways. It goes easily with everything from earthy tones to bring warmth, with pastels to balance a delicate palette, or teamed with soft metallics for understated luxury. Peach also goes just as well with darker shades, think dark blue or dark green in furniture and woodwork. Forget the connotations that peach can conjure up, 1950s bathroom suites might not be the look you’re after. For 2024, peach has had a modern update and here’s how to style it.

Switch up your cabinetry

A drab expanse of cabinetry can be so unappealing. Thankfully kitchens are getting a shake up and bold, playful cabinetry is in. With advances in paint quality and technology, it’s super easy to repaint your cabinetry yourself to give your kitchen a fresh look and peach is a timeless hue that’ll give warmth to the hub of your house.

If you’re looking for a whole new kitchen, Olive & Barr handcraft all their shaker kitchen cabinetry in the UK in the West Country, with a focus on high quality details like the dovetailed drawer boxes and tulip wood doors that can be painted any shade you like. Pictured is Farrow & Ball’s Bamboozle, described as “a spirited flame red” on the cabinetry, and Pink Ground, “a dusty pink with a large dose of yellow pigment”, on the walls.

Try a bold peach for your cabinetry for a fun, vibrant feel in the kitchen
Image credit: Olive Barr

Bring in accent colours in soft furnishings

If you don’t want to go all out Peach Fuzz, then weaving in the colour through soft furnishings is an easy introduction. Think pillows, cushions, throws, blankets and rugs. Even a gallery wall with peach painted frames can bring a fresh update. Using peach as an accent colour can give the dopamine hit without being overkill.

If you’re bringing peach into the kitchen as a pop of colour, there’s the iconic Our Place Always 2.0 pans in Spice. Made with recycled aluminium and a toxin free ceramic coating, try the large Always Pan, which offers 10 functions in one pan.

Match your pillows and throws to your walls in warm shades
Image credit: Furniture and Choice

Go bold with a statement bath

Waters Baths believe you “should never just have a bath, you should love your bath”, and we fully agree. Handcrafted in Ashbourne in the heart of the Peak District, there are four collections of tubs to choose from. Elements, for stone freestanding baths (made from limestone and quartz meaning the water is kept hotter for longer), iLine for freestanding acrylic baths, Natura for back to wall baths, and Space for corner baths.

Each bath can be made in the custom colour of your choice for a showstopper centrepiece in your bathroom. The Elements bath pictured is made in a shade similar to Farrow and Ball’s Faded Terracotta, which they describe as a “soft, pale orange, the singular colour of terracotta pots and tiles baked to a pale hue by the California sun”.

A Waters Baths of Ashbourne in peach will bring a statement look to your bathroom
Image credit: Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Add pastel stripes

If you want something that falls on the subtler side of peach, pastels shades are something the shops are crammed with this year. Think a sugar almond pink, with less orange and brought into your space with a candy stripe. A lovely way to lift your mood and bring softness to your room. Blinds2go’s Tuiss Albany Rose linen Roman blinds have a light filtering lining that allows the light to cast a lovely glow. You can add a thermal blackout lining to control the light when you need it.

Bring Peach Fuzz into the room with subtle stripes in soft furnishings
Image credit: Blinds2go

Blend several shades of peach

A blend of several shades of peach can make a statement in your living room and Benjamin Moore has the perfect trio to work together: Pink Harmony (“a crisp, light orange with peach undertones”), Salmon Peach and Dusk Pink, which Benjamin Moore describe as “a marriage of pink and peach, this saturated coral hue is evocative of a summer sky at dusk”. If you want something more tonal, then try using the three colours in an ombre effect, which is when one colour is blended seamlessly into the next. Follow Dulux’s step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself:

  • Step 1. Measure and mark a line on the wall where you want the two colours to blend using the coloured chalk.
  • Step 2. Apply the lighter paint colour to the top part of the wall with the roller and allow to dry.
  • Step 3. Apply the darker paint colour to the bottom half of the wall with the other roller (don’t worry about getting a perfectly straight line between the colours). Allow to dry.
  • Step 4. Get an extra pair of hands to help you with this step. Use a roller loaded with the darker colour to create a band of fresh paint just below the line, while your helping hand uses a brush to create a fresh band of your light colour just above it.
  • Step 5. Use the same brush to blend the colours together while they are still wet using a criss-cross brush stroke to get a good blended effect. Blend the colours in one-metre sections at a time and don’t let the paints dry out. 
Mix two shades of peach on your walls
Image credit: Benjamin Moore

Go for a peachy wallpaper in the nursery

For a literal riff on Peach Fuzz, I Love Wallpaper in Peaches and Cream is a fun, uplifting pattern that’ll look great anywhere from a children’s bedroom to a laundry room. The vibrant peaches and leaves are a handrawn print on a pale pink background. The rolls are 50cm x 10m and come in at £16 a roll.

If a wall full of peaches is too overwhelming, then poster company Ink & Drop do a range of peach prints, from the vintage Elberta peach to the clean, modern Paris Farmer’s Market peach print.

Go all out peaches for the baby's nursery
Image credit: I Love Wallpaper

Warm tones make luxurious bathroom tiles

Peach might seem an unlikely candidate for a bathroom, but Walls and Floors Peach Onyx large format tiles (1200 x 600 x 10.5mm) can create a sybaritic bathroom at home when used on the walls and floors. The porcelain tiles give a highly polished feel and they’re suitable for underfloor heating for added luxe. Brushed gold accessories and hardware work as the perfect compliment.

A luxurious warm colour in your bathroom tiles can create a sybaritic spathroom
Image credit: Walls and Floors

Add Pantone x Ruggable’s limited edition rugs

If you want to bring the exact Peach Fuzz colour into your home, then bag one of Pantone x Ruggable’s limited edition rugs. The collaboration includes five different styles of ombre, grid and geometric patterns, plus two bath mats. Ruggable’s patented Rug System means it comes in two pieces (a lightweight rug cover and a non-slip Rug Pad) and is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine-washable.

Pantone and Ruggable have collaborated on five limited edition rugs inspired by Pantone's Colour of the Year 2024, Peach Fuzz
Image credit: Ruggable