How proper ventilation can improve your home

February 9, 2021

Installing a fresh air ventilation system into your home will help ensure a healthier house.


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There are many ways to improve your home, from decorating to extensions, new storage to carpet overhauls. But one key facet of the home is often overlooked, even though it’s an absolutely vital aspect of your environment – the air.

When planning a new home project, installing proper ventilation is increasingly popular, as it’s a shortcut to a healthier, happier home. Many people focus on having an ‘airtight’ home so as to save energy and slash bills, but a ready supply of fresh air is just as important.

Without adequate ventilation your home may have increased CO2, reduced oxygen, condensation, mould spores and other airborne intruders. These are prime conditions for sickness and illness for you and your family.

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Ventilation for today’s living

Building Regulations with regard to this are out of date – they’re due for revision soon – which means that many homes use underpowered and overly noisy extractor fans that don’t pull their weight. They’re certainly not up to date with modern homes.

The same regulations rely on trickle vents, air bricks and leakage for home ventilation, elements that are removed during home insulation. Which is why you need a professional system built with modern living in mind.

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Air alternatives

Getting fresh, healthy air into your home – and getting rid of the stale, unwanted air – is not an expensive proposition. Blauberg UK have numerous solutions and various low-cost design packages for homes of different types and sizes.

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You can start with a simple upgrade of your existing extractor fans, undertake a whole house air extract solution, introduce heat recovered, filtered air into individual rooms, or invest in a MVHR system. Whatever you want and no matter the budget, Blauberg UK have ventilation options for your project.

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