Exterior decorating ideas to add value to your home

First impressions matter. Buyers often make up their mind within minutes about whether a property is for them or not, so getting your home’s visual appeal at its best is key. Luckily, there’s a raft of exterior decorating ideas to add value to your home. L&C Mortgages say, “Enhancing your home’s kerb appeal can increase its value by up to 10%.”

These exterior decorating ideas range from small updates like smartening up your house numbers to complete overhauls like adding a side return to a Victorian home.

Details go a long way and won’t be forgotten, so get a checklist together, including well-maintained, clean windows (with no peeling paint); a smart front door (even if it’s just polishing brass numbers and the letter box); and a tidy garden. Think about scent and planting fragrant perennials like pelargonium, phlox, lilacs and lavender. Tidying away bins in a neat bin store is another thing to tick off your list.

Invest in your pathway

There are some spectacular tiles on the market and re-tiling your garden pathway can add not only kerb appeal but help you stand out from your neighbours’ houses. Walls and Floors exterior tiles are made from porcelain that at 20mm thick is double the width of regular tiles, so has extra durability.

The benefit of porcelain is that it’s a non-porous material. Walls and Floors say that you “won’t need to seal the outdoor tiles before use” and that “they will be fine throughout whatever weather the UK throws at them”.

The company add, “Rainwater wont absorb into the material, freeze and crack the tile, and with the higher than average anti-slip ratings they are not going to be slippery and dangerous in the snow, frost and rain, giving you extra peace of mind that these tiles can be left outside all year round.”

When it comes to styles, you can pick from classic Victorian black and white chequerboard tiles to traditional terracotta or the intricate geometric and chequer Churchill Navy Blue and Terracotta tiles (pictured).

For beautiful handmade artisan tiles that will make a showstopper first impression, try Bert & May for their pistachio square tiles, graphic green Otura tiles or the Quinta Marron tiles, which were inspired by reclaimed hacienda tiles in southern Spain.

Bert & May explain that their “encaustic or terracotta tiles installed outdoors will naturally patina over time due to being exposed to the elements, which we feel adds to their beauty”.

Smarting up your pathway and re tiling is an easy decorative idea to add value to your home
Image credit: Walls and Floors

Replace your front door

When it comes to exterior decorating ideas to add value to your home, getting your front door right is vital. Not only does it look good, it also adds security, which is always a plus for prospective buyers.

It’s so easy to overlook your front door, even when you use it every day. But your front door can set the tone for the whole house, so go for something that’s in keeping with your home’s character and as high-quality as you can.

If you live on a busy street, a solid door can be a good bet. To get around fully blocking the light think about partially glazed segments, side lights or a fan light. Fan lights are usually semi-circular, elliptical or rectangular, and flood light into your hallway.

Consider your materials carefully. For example, replacing original wooden doors in a period home with UPVC can devalue your property. For modern homes, aluminium or composite front doors are good options.

When it comes to locks, front doors are usually fitted with two locks – a mortice deadlock and a night latch. Make sure yours are in good working order. If replacing your front door is not possible, sanding it down and giving it a good lick of paint will also help.

Given the amount of online shopping most people do, thinking about adding a Smart Parcel Box to your home could be a favourable detail to entice prospective buyers.

Replace your front door and add a Smart Parcel Box
Image credit: Smart Parcel Box

Smarten up your house numbers

A super easy decorating idea to add value to your home is to smarten up your house numbers. Purlfrost, the UK’s leading window film suppliers, has some great options including period stained glass effect house numbers or a more contemporary Times New Roman gold outline stickers (pictured).

The gold is reminiscent of Victorian gold leaf house numbers and significantly less expensive than traditional sign writing, as the numbers start from just £9 each. They also come in different sizes so you put them on your bins too.

Changing your house number to a name can also add a personal touch to a property and increase its value. For rural properties, bucolic names like Rose Cottage work well.

The House Name Plate Company says, “If your house already has a name but no number then the house name will form part of the official registered address. If you wish to change the name of the property you must put your request to your local council in writing, giving the present full address and stating clearly the requested new name.”

Smarten up your house numbers so your home stands out on the street
Image credit: Purlfrost

Utilise space with a side return

Awkward layouts can be a big factor in putting off potential buyers. Utilising unused space in your home can add thousands to your sale price. Many Victorian terraced homes have an unused strip of land running down the side of the house, which is ideal for creating an extension as it doesn’t eat into any of your garden space.

HomeOwners Alliance say, “If you are preparing to sell your home and can’t afford a big project to boost the value, you could consider just getting the planning permission. Buyers are prepared to pay quite a premium to avoid the paperwork involved in an extension and to know red tape won’t stand in the way of their plans and allowing them to start works the minute they pick up the keys.”

Submitting a basic planning application costs up to £400 but could add as much as 10% to the value of your home, according to insurance firm Hamilton Fraser.

View of the back of a Victorian side return
Image Credit: Matt Gamble/Resi

Freshen up exterior walls with a lick of paint

A lick of paint is a cost effective way of adding value to your home and can smarten up your property. Sustainable paint brand COAT is B Corp certified and has a gorgeous range of exterior paint.

When it comes to picking the right shade, COAT say, “The best colour to paint house exterior walls (brickwork, render, masonry) is usually some form of neutral tone.

“Mid-toned (not too dark and not too light) neutrals provide a great backdrop for pops of colour or deeper tones on windows and doors, which will make your house stand out from the crowd. If your house is a mixture of natural brick and painted render, try not to fight the colour of the brick work. Choose colours that complement the brick.”

Freshen up and modernise your walls by giving them a lick of paint
Image credit: Walls and Floors

Landscaping your front garden will add kerb appeal

A lush, thriving front garden will give the warmest welcome to your home and can set the tone for a positive viewing experience. And in terms of return on investment, it’s one of the best places to spend your money.

Whether you have a large front garden that can be planted with colourful borders and fragrant perennials, or a small space that can be filled with potted plants or hanging baskets, adding greenery will increase your kerb appeal.

If you are really lacking in space then consider window boxes to brighten your sills. Any amount of planting will help provide a habitat for wildlife.

Climbing plants are another great option for adding value to your house. Think an arch of fragrant wild roses grown on an arch over the door, or on a trellis up the wall. Growing fragrant wisteria is known for adding value, as it brings an element of country charm, but it does grow quickly and will require maintenance and regular pruning to keep it in check.

Tidy up your front garden to add value to your home
Image credit: Soto Gardens

Replace old or worn fence panels

Fixing fencing can make a big difference when it comes to the value of your home and replacing them entirely can give your garden a fresh, new look. Eschew the standard slightly orange stain on timber and upgrade to something a little more contemporary.

B&Q’s Neva modular fencing system (pictured) is made from powder-coated aluminium and is UV protected so the colour won’t fade in the sun. The flexible system has different sized fencing and durable gates that easily fix to the Neva fence posts.

Replace worn or old fence panels with a more decorative style
Image credit: B&Q

Don’t forget the garage door

‘Is there parking?’ is often one of the first questions buyers will ask when viewing properties. Leaders estate agents say, “A garage can add as much as five per cent to the price of a typical home.”

If you have a garage but it’s currently being used as a storage unit, give it a proper clear out, so at house viewings people can visualise their car there.

A smart new garage door can also do wonders for the look of your home and instantly smarten up the appearance. Thomas Sanderson make bespoke garage doors in the UK, which can be operated from your smartphone. Opt for the sectional garage doors that lift upwards on a ceiling track or the roller garage doors, which roll up into a box at the top of the garage opening.

Don't forget the garage door as a decorating idea to add value to your home
Image credit: Thomas Sanderson