Written by Jennifer Turner

Discover a washable paint that can stand up to family life

Why Crown’s easyclean® is the perfect paint solution for active families.


child’s bedroom with cot, toys and mustard triangles on white walls

Image: Crown

If you’re a parent, then you know that paintwork getting marked is a fact of family life. Whether it’s the dog shaking muddy water off its coat after a walk, the day to day scuffs of kids charging around the house or a million other  things, there’s precious little chance of your average paint remaining unscathed. And with the last year seeing families spending more time than ever at home, that nagging issue has only got worse.

hallway with tiled floor and traditional wooden door

Image: Crown

Constantly touching up or getting the painters in for a refresh isn’t really ideal – it’ll only get marked and grubby again – which is why Crown’s easyclean® paint is heaven sent for busy family homes. This matt emulsion collection is the most washable range yet from Crown Paint, with a thoroughly modern range of wonderful colours that are made to last.

dining room with table, chairs, bench, plant and green walls

Image: Crown

Scrubbable shades

The easyclean® range is versatile and contemporary, with 50 available shades including reds that pop, subtle greys and dramatic blues. Even better, it has a scrub and stain resistant formulation which means those colours don’t fade or wash out when you’ve scrubbed or wiped the paint clean of marks.

bedroom painted and furnished in shades of blue

Image: Crown

It’s an investment that pays off quickly, as you won’t need to buy new tins constantly to touch up the blemishes that paint accrues as part of family life. You can simply wipe the paint clean of splashes while it retains its vivid colour.

A paint for parents

easyclean® is so good for families that it has received the Mumsnet Rated badge, making it officially the favourite wipeable paint of mums. 60 users conducted a product test, with easyclean® scoring over 98% in testing. The badge is only awarded to the online community’s best rated products,  a mark of how well the paint performed.

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Crown’s most durable range – which is 200 times tougher and more washable than a standard matt emulsion – is ideal for high traffic areas, hallways and stairs, playrooms, children’s bedrooms and, indeed, for all the house. Whether it’s muddy paws or messy kids that mark your paint, you can just wipe away your woes.

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