room with pink walls, green sofa, coffee table and pink chair

Discover a low-emission emulsion paint that’s ideal for allergy sufferers

October 1, 2020

With Crown’s certified Breatheasy range, you won’t have to worry about allergy-aggravating solvents when decorating your home.


room with pink walls, green sofa, coffee table and pink chair

Attacking allergies

Paint allergy is no joke for many people. The VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds – and solvents found in many paints can lead to symptoms that exacerbate asthma, along with coughs, congestion, sore and runny eyes, skin irritation, swelling and more.

child’s bedroom with bed, toys and patterned wall

This cuts down on the options for allergy sufferers and asthmatics – until now. Crown Paint has launched a striking new range called Breatheasy that combines an on-trend palate of classic and modern colours with an allergy-friendly formula. It’s one that has been scientifically proven to reduce exposure to airborne asthma and allergy triggers.

wooden chair next to large plant and blue wall

Seal of approval

This range has low VOCs and is 99% solvent free, and boasts the certified asthma and allergy friendly mark, a registered certification mark of Allergy Standards Ltd. Allergy Standards doesn’t just look at the chemical composition of the paints it tests, it alsos look at how paint performs, to ensure that the removal of VOCs doesn’t affect the quality of your project.

sofa wall and curtain in different shades of blue

By certifying the Breatheasy range, you can rest easy knowing that it emits low levels of VOC and is a paint that dries quickly, evenly and is wipeable. Good news for those with allergies who also desire a handsome interior for their home.

table and chair with plates, flowers and pendant light

Don’t compromise on colour

With the Breatheasy range allowing you to revamp your walls safely, you’ve got a broad and beautiful range of colours to choose from. Take your pick of matt and silk emulsions that are conveniently grouped into eight different colour families, letting you find the shade that is perfect for your planned look.

Even if you don’t have a colour in mind, browsing the families is a fountain of inspiration, with key colours such as Mustard Jar, Teal, Pashmina and Powdered Clay all ideal for a contemporary look. Whether you choose to match or clash – a great way to create a focal point or feature wall – you’ll find shades that not only look great but keeps your home happy and healthy. View the full range at Crown Paints.

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