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Corner ideas for living room, bedroom and hallway

Everyone has a corner in their home that doesn’t add much value. Whether a spot under the stairs, in front of a window or tucked away at one end of a room, it just sits there empty and without purpose.

Or it may have become an unofficial and unattractive storage space, stuffed full with boxes or piled up with toys. That bland corner just never ends up looking or feeling right.

If you’re struggling with a design, here are some great ideas to transform an unwanted corner from the stylists at home furnishings platform Homary.

Savvy storage

You can never have too much storage space in your home. It’s key to keeping away clutter from precious floor space, and corners are great for additional storage. Add an upholstered bench, shoe rack or storage cabinet to maximise your corner space.

Invest in a stand incorporating a shoe rack with hooks for coats and scarves.

We also like the idea of adding a wall-mounted display cabinet for ornaments, figurines or photos. Or add a bench with shelves or box underneath to store blankets or toys.

Homary grey shoe bench with seat
Image Credit: Homary

Japandi book corner

During the Autumn and Winter cold weather, what’s better than a cosy book corner to relax in.

Choose a quiet corner, add a comfy chair, some soft cushions, and  a lamp for warm lighting.

The Japandi trend blends simplicity and nature from Scandinavia and Japan. Its calming fusion blends simplicity and nature, ideal for a retreat into a good book. Invest in a Japandi-style chair and a round coffee table.

We also like the idea of adding a painting of a nature scene, some blankets and a scented candle – maybe pumpkin spice or gingerbread.

And don’t forget a small shelf to store your books.

Homary Japandi arm chair
Image Credit: Homary

Drinks corner

How about using a corner for a mini bar area? You don’t need a full-size bar. Instead, use a small cabinet or wall-mounted wine rack to store your bottles and glassware.

We’d also recommend using floating shelfs to place your drinks on, and you could add a radio or speaker for some music.

To finish the look, add a side table or a couple of bar stools to sit and enjoy your drink.

Homary gold wine rack
Image Credit: Homary

Make-up area

Even with limited space, you can create the makeup station of your dreams. Select a corner in your bedroom, bathroom or dressing room. Choose a vanity table or desk with storage such as drawers or shelving, and place it facing natural light if possible.

From slimline to floating make-up stations, plenty of options are available as great space savers.
Add a stool that fits under the desk and places you at the right height for the desk and mirror.

Some units will come with a built-in mirror. If not, put a mirror at eye level on the wall and illuminate it with LEDs.

Organise your makeup in pots, drawers or display boxes, so it’s easy to find.

Homary white floating make up desk
Image Credit: Homary

Lighting and visual interest

Corners can be dark so don’t forget lighting. Add a standing, adjustable lamp so you can read, or a wall-mounted lamp to light up your bar.

We’d also add a house plant to give the corner a more relaxing, natural feel.

To give a visual focus to your corner, choose a suitable painting. You could even paint the corner wall to make it into more of a feature. We like the idea of bottle green, midnight blue or sunset orange for a welcoming, relaxing vibe.