Queen of Clean’s expert tips for faster, greener cleaning

April 1, 2021

Lynsey Crombie, AKA the Queen of Clean on Instagram, shares her best cleaning tips and tricks for a good spring cleaning session, as well as keeping on top of the daily grime.

In partnership with household favourites Vileda and Marigold, the cleanfluencer shares her cleaning tips and tricks with Good Homes magazine, from dealing with common kitchen and bathroom germ hotspots to getting clean in 15 minutes…

1. Tackling kitchen and bathroom germ hotspots

When working from home, you might find yourself boiling the kettle more often than usual for cups of tea and coffee. So naturally, this household appliance can be one of the biggest germ hotspots, particularly the handle.

‘When we’re doing these really quick tasks we often miss things like light switches, plug points, cupboard handles and your bread bin,’ explains Lynsey. ‘And these are some of the areas where germs really stick, so they need special attention.’

Lynsey’s favourite cleaning tool: Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Gloves
Features: 100% recyclable, anti-slip, triple-dipped and super protective for hands and nails that do not leave a talc residue. The bathroom gloves also come in a longer, roll-top length for hygienic protection.
Great for: Doing the washing up and picking up wet, slippery dishes; cleaning the toilet

Kettle on a crowded worktop in the kitchen with fresh juice and a bowl of strawberries

Photo: Anete Lusina on Pexels

2. Cleaning with cupboard staples like ketchup

As we become more conscious consumers and like to know what we’re putting on our hands, face and skin, Lynsey says that there’s no need to buy harsh, specialist cleaning products, as you’re likely to have more sustainable and surprisingly effective products in your pantry already.

According to the Queen of Clean, white vinegar is a great deodoriser, ketchup and beer are great for rust and white shaving foam makes for an amazing carpet cleaner – cheap cleaning hacks alert! 

If you’re tackling limescale around the bath or on your showerhead, spray undiluted white vinegar on the limescale, leave it for 20 minutes, then wipe down with just water to remove any unsightly deposits.

Lynsey’s favourite cleaning tool: Marigold Cleaning Me Softly non-scratch scourers
Features: A scratchy, gently abrasive surface, which is approved for use by Teflon
Great for: Kitchen and bathroom extractor fans, as well as cleaning nail polish, purple hair shampoo and fake tan off enamel sinks and baths

3. Get familiar with microfibre

Lynsey keeps cleaning simple with her set of colour-coded antibacterial microfibre cloths, which kill 99% of germs and bacteria all on their own. This way, you can forgo chemical cleaning products and just use good old H2O.

To avoid cross contamination, why not use blue for loo in the bathroom, pink for the sink and green or yellow for more mellow cleaning jobs?

‘One of the biggest mistakes people also make when cleaning cabinets is to use far too much product,’ says Lynsey. ‘They’ll use a spray bottle and too liberally spray one small square.’

When tackling limescale around the bath, spray undiluted white vinegar on the limescale and leave it for 20 minutes before wiping it down with microfibre cloths and water.

Lynsey’s favourite cleaning tool: Marigold Let It Shine! Microfibre Cloths
Features: Durable microfibre cloths that can be reused, time and time again
Great for: Wiping down surfaces with minimal cleaning products
Top product tip: Never use fabric conditioner when washing your microfibre cloths as it breaks down the fibres and impacts the absorbency

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4. Deal with streaky windows, fast

Windows can get really dirty during the winter months, so tackling them during the spring clean can seem like a big job. But Lynsey has a trick up her sleeve – the Vileda Windomatic is an effective tool for window cleaning that can be used with just water.

Not only is it cordless, but it also vacuums the water or product residue from the class, leaving the windows streak-free and sparkling. It can also be used on tiles, mirrors and shower screens, or to suck up water spills.

‘With a flexible neck, the Windomatic stops streaks and watermarks on your shower screen and tiles by using it vertically, and then turning it horizontally,’ says Lynsey.

Lynsey’s favourite kitchen cleaning tool: Vileda Windomatic
Features: Two clean settings to suck up different volumes of water, cleans up to 120 windows in just one charge, and has a removable water tank to ensure water doesn’t start to smell or become mouldy
Great for: As well as windows, mirrored bedroom furniture and large glass tables, this tool can be used for cleaning the car

5. Don’t forget your phone

Electronic devices, especially phones and remote controls, are often one of the most germ-ridden items in our homes. In particular, Lynsey admits to her phone always being covered in makeup and fingerprints.

Lynsey’s simple tip is to remove your phone cover, dipping it into water and wiping it down with an antibacterial microfibre cloth. Wipe your phone down in the same way (don’t dip it in water, just wet the cloth!). Avoid chemically based products, which may damage or scratch your screen. Clean the charger and charge points, too.

‘By choosing one of the lighter microfibre cloths, you will really see how dirty your smartphone really is,’ says Lynsey. ‘Again, this can be used on laptops and tablets that the kids may have used for home schooling.’

Phone on book with pink roses and pink notebooks

Photo: Pexels

How to get clean in just 15 minutes with Lynsey Crombie

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A message from the editor:

Let us help you create the home of your dreams! Get ideas & inspiration from Good Homes every month, delivered direct to your door. Visit to sign up for the weekly Good Homes newsletter. Meet the Good Homes team at Ideal Home Show and be inspired by our on-trend roomsets.

~ Karen Walker, Editor, Good Homes