Christmas decoration ideas for 2023

As we edge closer to the festive period, and the shops have already been playing Santa Baby for weeks, it’s time to have a look at the latest Christmas decoration ideas for 2023. As the year draws to a close, we’re still seeing a hefty dose of colour with joy-filled beaded and sequinned baubles, and robin-red embroidered stockings.

For more pared-back decor, monochrome is in, creating a timeless look and a bold statement. Garlands are very much here to stay, but there’s a riff on the evergreen festoons, with paper garlands making their way onto our mantlepieces. As ever at Christmas, the senses are everything, evoking memories and warm feelings. Think Christmas trees adorned with soft velvet bows, twinkling lights at your window and soy wax scented orange and cinnamon melts. Happy decorating.

Velvet bows

Ribbons have long been associated with the festive period. Symbolising unity, bows were popularised in Christmas decorations and on gifts around the 20th century, when ribbon became more widely accessible. The Victorians would hand-tie ribbon bows all over their Christmas trees and we’re seeing that look come back as one of the best Christmas decoration ideas for 2023.

Melanie Lissack Interiors has created the most beautiful tree full of softly coloured ribbon bows in mustard yellows, dusty pinks and sage greens. Melanie created her bows by pre making them and attaching wire around the back, so they stood proudly. The effect is brilliant.

Festive bows are the trendiest Christmas decorating idea for 2023
Image credit: Melanie Lissack Interiors

Felt stockings

Embroidery has been a mainstay on the Christmas scene for centuries and adds a tactile touch to your festive decor. Textile company Jan Constantine creates a fine line in beautiful hand embroidery and is stocked everywhere from Liberty to Selfridges.

Upgrade your Christmas stockings this year with Jan’s luxurious red felt wool pieces with a cream cuff. Choose between a reindeer, robin or dove perched above edelweiss and stitched with antique gold thread. Jan Constantine also does a stylish red felt tree skirt with embroidered fairground carousel horses surrounded by gold sequin stars.

Felt stockings add colour texture when dotted around the home
Image credit: Jan Constantine

Embellished Christmas tree decorations

The popularity of the embellished Christmas decorations that we’ve seen over the past few years shows no sign of abating. For a one-stop shop at around £6 – £8 a pop, Monsoon has a comprehensive collection. From a sequinned dachshund in a santa hat to a beaded champagne glass to embroidered croissants, these decorations also make a lovely Christmas gift.

The popularity of embellished Christmas tree decorations is high
Image credit: Monsoon

Monochromatic Christmas decoration ideas

Rockett St. George ticks off two of 2023’s hottest Christmas decoration ideas in one with their monochromatic glass baubles. An antidote to dopamine decor that we’ve seen so much of over the last year and traditional festive colours, black and white is in.

Simple and chic, monochrome is a timeless classic, and these striped baubles will make a statement on your branches. The accents of silver glitter or pearls add a touch of decadent festive cheer. We’re seeing plenty of glass baubles this year, a lightweight and more elegant addition to your tree.

Monochromatic decorations are a big Christmas decoration idea for 2023
Image credit: Rockett St. George

Add window stars

The general mood for Christmas decorations in 2023 is that people have started early and that holiday spirit is high. Dating back many years, people have put candles in the windows at Christmas time to give a warm, inviting glow to the world outside. Giving all of the cosy vibes but less of the fire risk are Lights4fun’s massive range of LED Christmas lights. Try a collection of chic illuminated stars to bring light to the long dark winter nights.

Bring festive cheer inside and outside with these Christmas window lights
Image credit: Lights4fun

Merry and bright

Christmas truly is merry and bright this year with a plethora of rainbow colours. If you don’t want to go full dopamine decor, then bringing it in with your festive schemes is a good place to start. Dunelm has gone full on fun with their festive joy collection. Think multicoloured star sequin tree toppers and fin baubles, rainbow disco ball baubles and tasselled ‘Merry Christmas’ garlands.

Bring some colour to your Christmas mantlepiece
Image credit: Dunelm

Paper garlands

If you’re going away for the festive period and don’t want to come home to foliage shedding on the floor, or are after decorations that you can use year after year, then paper garlands could be for you. This gorgeous paper foliage from Rose & Grey comes ready to string up anywhere from your mantlepiece to your bannisters.

Made from pre-threaded green and gold paper leaves with golden glitter berries, the garland is wound with dusty pink and soft blue velvet ribbons on fine gold wire.  

Paper garlands can be used again every year
Image credit: Rose & Grey

Touches of gold

Christmas or not, warmth and cosiness are all we really want in the long, dark stretches of winter months. And a hygge home will nurture that feeling. Devonshire based Nkuku work with artisans across the world and create handmade homewares using natural materials and traditional skills.

As an alternative to full winter foliage, Nkuku’s delicate San Stems are handcrafted from brass and bring an elegant look to any display, whether they’re placed on their own in a hammered glass vase or threaded through your festive wreath.

Add touches of warm tones with gold
Image credit: Nkuku

Handcrafted baubles

An emerging theme for Christmas 2023 is texture. Forget the flat shiny objects of years gone by and think surfaces that evoke all the senses.

Artist Caroline Martin takes her inspiration from the water and sky and creates multi-layered abstract paintings in East Sussex. Billed as ‘mini artworks’, her ceramic baubles are hand-painted with acrylics and finished with accents of copper leaf.

Handmade baubles add style and texture to your Christmas tree
Image credit: Resident Artisan / Caroline Martin

Scented Christmas tree decorations

Come Christmas time, smell is one of our most evocative senses and filling your home with yuletide scents is a joy. There are plenty of ways to make your home smell like Christmas, including simmering festive spices for mulled wine, spritzing your blankets and throws with essential oils or on a bowl of pine cones, making a Victorian pomander, and decking the halls with winter foliage like holly, ivy and eucalyptus.

You can also decorate your tree with these cute wax melt stars from Salt and Steel. Made from soy wax, they’re scented with orange and cinnamon, and decorated with cinnamon sticks and dried orange. They’re a great way to keep the festive feeling going once Christmas is over.

Wax melts bring the scent of Christmas into your home
Image credit: Salt and Steel