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Spooky-chic Halloween decor ideas

October 9, 2021

Halloween is quickly becoming as big a deal as Christmas when it comes to decorating your home, with more and more retailers are introducing special spooky ranges. But if orange and black are not your colour palette, try these chic Halloween decor ideas to bring a sense of the macabre indoors without making it messy. Some are even stylish enough to adopt full-time into your scheme.

This living room scheme by Sofology is a shining example of chic Halloween decor. Good Homes breaks it down…

modern london home with brass kitchen island and marble table - home tour -

Liberte 4-seater sofa in Lucerne Navy Mix, Sofology 

Jewel tones

A mix of dark walls and deliciously textured velvet jewel tones may translate perfectly into Halloween chic, but this style is already a popular decorating style. Play up with some more traditional Halloween motifs for October to give the room that frightful edge.

audenza velvet skull cushion decorating idea for halloween - inspiration -

Regal skull cushion, Audenza

Mini pumpkins 

Of course you’ll want a big, questionably-carved pumpkin for your window or front porch, but these mini gourds, available from most supermarkets, make great, temporary additions to your room styling. We love classic orange and white varities, but if you’re looking to do something a little more exciting with them, consider giving them a painted makeover.

yulia-chinato unsplash halloween mini pumpin - inspiration -

Photo: Yulia Chinato from Unsplash

Floral displays

A bouquet of beautiful flowers may not be your first thought for Halloween decorations, but we think they can make a huge impact if you choose correctly. While pumpkin-like oranges may seem like a natural choice for the autumnal season, we love the drama of black-tinged reds and purples to add some drama to your scheme. These artificial peonies in plum from Abigail Ahern are great – they look like the real thing, but will last year after year.

abigail ahern faux peony plum flowers for halloween decorating - inspiration -

Photo: Abigail Ahern


Nothing quite beats the gothic glamour of a home burning candles to add to the lighting scheme. Group collections of pillar candles for a chic, classically horror-influenced look, and change out plain white dinner candles for these vampiric, blood red versions for Halloween – you can find a similar style on Amazon. Of course, be careful when burning candles, especially around any flammable Halloween decorations, and never leave them burning unattended!

anuja mary unsplash dark red dinner candles halloween decorating idea - inspiration -

Photo: Anuja Mary from Unsplash

Eccentric décor

Maximalist, eclectic décor is more on trend than ever, but it can take on a new life during the spooky season. Try the likes of Graham & Green and Rockett St George for fun and eccentric designs – this beetle wall art and split head bookends will work particularly well for Halloween.

gold yellow velvet armchair in modern london living room -

Rockett St George 


There’s a huge trend for these ‘altered’ vintage portraits at the moment, where the traditional style is added to with an extra modern element over the top. They’re great for period homes that want a quirky, contemporary touch, but they also work perfectly for adding some haunted house glamour to your home. You can find these wall prints from Mineheart, but you could also trawl charity and vintage shops for old reproductions and get handy with a paintbrush to give them an update.

mineheart spooky vintage portrait wall art halloween idea - inspiration -

Photo: Mineheart