Written by Chanelle Moult

How to make your home a haven of calm

Choose the right scents, in the right places, and you can create a peaceful, meditative mood to make daily life more joyous.


aroma lamp with tea light and aromatherapy scents

The way a home smells can affect your mood in all kinds of ways. We take a look at scents that don’t just deliver a gorgeous aroma, but help you to relax as well…

Scents for serenity

There are many routes to finding a peaceful vibe at home. An uncluttered space and sensitive lighting, for example. But smell is vital too. It’s not just that you want to get rid of the aroma of last night’s cooking, it’s that scents are known to have to vivid effects on our mood.

While some can stimulate, others can help us to unwind and relax, to create a serene environment for you and your loved ones. Scented candles are a popular choice, but there are other ways to bring a chilled-out perfume to your home. 

Light and luscious smells

aroma lamp with tea light and scented cubes

There are numerous benefits to choosing an aroma lamp to get the mood you desire. Firstly, they’re decorative, with a range to fit in with your style. Secondly, they’re versatile – you can opt for different scents depending on what takes your fancy – you’re not restricted to just one smell. And, of course, they generate a soft, calming light that’s the perfect accompaniment to the smell in terms of atmosphere. Bliss. 

Everyday calm

Sometimes we want to light up an aroma lamp, catalytic lamp or candle to help change the mood in our home. However, you should also consider the way in which a calming aroma can be achieved each and every day with zero effort.

Scented cards are the perfect solution, whether as wardrobe air fresheners, or placed elsewhere in the home – bags, drawers, shoe cabinets, even your car to create a feeling of zen on the commute or school run. These are the unsung heroes of home scenting, imparting a wonderful fragrance that will delight you every time you open up your wardrobe. Opt for fresh and clean notes that are invigorating, go floral or even fruity. Your clothes will smell wonderful and the gentle aromas will permeate your home, helping you to find that sense of peace.

scented cards in three colours in front of wardrobe 1

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