Boo Basket ideas for Autumn and Halloween

What is a Boo Basket?

Traditionally, a Boo Basket is given out to children or friends to mark the start of Autumn and Halloween.

Think Christmas Eve box, but packed with items for getting cosy as the colder weather arrives. So out with the candy canes, hot chocolate and Christmas movie, and in come pumpkin candle, a cosy hat and a ghost story.

books and an orange hat

For inspiration on what to include in the perfect Boo Basket, check out our Halloween decoration ideas.

While the Boo Basket came about originally as an Autumn and Halloween-themed gift, TikTok has found a new meaning. The ‘boobasket’ hashtag has racked up almost 400 million views on TikTok with ‘boo’ as a term of endearment for your other half, rather than a Halloween fright.

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Whether you’re creating a gift for your partner, for the kids or for someone else special in your life, here are some ideas for what to include.

For those who have left if last-minute to put together their Boo Basket, these items are all easy to find and won’t break the bank.

How to create your Boo Basket

First off, you need to select a basket. This could be something you already have at home, like a wicker hamper, Trick or Treat bucket or storage box. Or you could just use a gift bag in a suitable colour – black or orange would be ideal.  

Next, you need to fill your basket. You could pick Autumn or Halloween, or you could mix up the two. The main aim is to include items that will give your recipient that warm and cosy feel, but perhaps with a spooky twist.

The core items to include are:

a fluffy blanket, cushion or sweater

a scented candle

a bath bomb, soap or face mask

cosy socks or hat

chocolates or sweets

some festive soaps

The perfect Boo Basket for your partner, kids or pet

If it’s for your significant other, you could add a bottle of their favourite tipple, or some mini bottles and mixers.

a bottle of wine and sweets

For the kids, add a Halloween-themed craft kit, soft toy or spooky book.

Or you could create a special Boo Basket for that special four-legged friend in your life. Grab some of your pet’s favourite treats, a soft cushion or blanket and some toys and give your dog, cat or other furry friend their very own Boo Basket.

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