Best paint colour ideas for small spaces

November 6, 2020

Planning to redecorate in lockdown? Here are some ideas for how to use colour in the most compact areas of your home.

yellow bright living room

Image: Homesense

Whatever your interior style, we’ve put together an edit of some of the best paint colour ideas for small and more compact spaces. Whether you want you home to appear bigger or want some creative ideas to kick start your redecorating that won’t overwhelm your room, read on!

Trendy mid-tones

 mid tone red kitchen

Image: B&Q

Muted, mid-toned paint colours work extremely well in smaller spaces. They are the perfect mix of making a style statement but also being understated. We love mid-toned rusty reds and oranges to frame a specific space in the home, such as a sink area in a kitchen or a dressing area in a bedroom.


off white bedroom scheme

Image: Next

It’s no surprise that lighter paint colours create the illusion of a bigger space. But instead of immediately going for a brilliant white shade, opt for a subtle off-white for a modern and contemporary twist. This will look less stark and pair perfectly with other natural colours and textures.

Bold & bright

yellow bright living room

Image: Homesense

Don’t shy away from your small spaces, be proud of them! Make a statement with a bright paint colour such as yellow or bubblegum pink. Be inspired by Homesense and coordinate your furniture and accessories with the colours of your walls.

Inky hues

inky hue living room

Image: Farrow & Ball

They say that darker colours make a room appear smaller, but it can actually make them feeling more cosy and cocooning too. So if you’re dealing with a smaller room or property but you still want to incorporate those sophisticated inky hues, we say go for it! A top tip would be to contrast dark walls with a light flooring option for a stylish contrast. Also, keep your ceiling nice and bright to avoid feeling overwhelmed with a darker hue.

Green or grey?

sage green dressing room

Image: Lick

Forget ‘greige’, ‘grage’ is the new buzzword in the world of interiors. It’s a perfect blend of grey and sage green, which is a bang on trend colour for any cool and contemporary home. We recommend styling it with white and wood for a Scandinavian-inspired look.

Beautiful beige

beige paint colour

Image: Crown Paints

Bring your home back down to earth by painting it in a sumptuous earthy shade. Suited to all kinds of interior styles, a beige-toned paint will provide a cocooning effect in a smaller space, which is ideal for an area of your home where you want to relax and unwind.


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