A lounge with bay windows

The benefits of window shutters for your home

Boost your home’s look and value with on-trend window shutters

A lounge with bay windows

Whether it’s one room or your whole home, window shutters can truly transform your look. But what else are they good for? We take a look…

Complete light control

A blue bedroom wall with white window shutters

One of the key benefits of made-to-measure premium shutters for your home is the high degree of control they give you when it comes to light. You’ve got much more latitude on light than you have with either blinds or curtains.

By adjusting the louvers you can tweak the amount of sunlight that enters through the slats, redirecting natural light where you want it. No more drawing the curtains or moving because the sun is in your face. With each panel able to be adjusted on its own, you have ultimate flexibility and can stop your home fabrics from fading.

Privacy in a moment

A bathroom with free standing bath and window shutters

The ability to open and close your shutters in a matter of a moment also means you can have perfect privacy. With the panels being independent, you can choose to have light streaming in your upper panels while the lower ones are closed to keep prying eyes out! This is ideal for all rooms, but especially for bathrooms, bedrooms and ground floor windows that face out onto the street. 

Boost your kerb appeal

A kitchen with sink tap and window shutters

While many home renovation projects might be perfect for the way you live, many don’t actually add value to your home. However, installing premium shutters is a safe investment as they’re perennially popular with buyers. Aesthetically attractive, they’re a statement that your home has been loved.

Insulate with style

A lounge with window shutters

Many ways to add insulation to your home can look a bit unwieldy – but not shutters. As well as adding function and style, properly installed shutters can make a large reduction in heat loss through windows, helping to cut heating bills. The best shutters, such as those from Shuttercraft, are also thermally dynamic, bouncing cold back to the outside.

As an added bonus, with control over how much natural light you use, you can cut down on artificial light use within your home.

Make light work of cleaning

A bedroom with bed lights and window shutters

Windows are a huge reflection of how we present our home to the world, so ease of cleaning is vital. One of the other benefits of shutters is how simple they are to clean. While curtains have to be taken down to be washed, and venetian blinds are fiddly and prone to becoming grubby, shutters can simply be wiped – voila!

To find out more about installing shutters in your home and the diverse range of colours and styles, visit Shuttercraft

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