Written by Paisley Tedder

5 ways to make your home more relaxing

As life gets back to normal, we show you how to skip the stress and keep your home as a calm oasis

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While we’re all eager to get life back to the way it was pre-pandemic, there are some things we want to remain the same. Whether you’re unsure about physical contact being so readily welcomed back, or concerned about the withdrawal of flexible home working options, we all have different opinions.

What we’re focused on at this stage though, is our home life. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the chaos of family life meant snatches of time to relax and spend time in our homes was rare, and while we’ve had plenty of time to enjoy our surroundings over the past year, we don’t want to leap back into constant chaos just yet.

The key is to make the time we do spend at home extra-special, more relaxing and on the whole better for our wellbeing. Here, we share five tips to action this so you can enjoy the easing of restrictions, at your own pace.

Keep organised

Nothing causes more stress and scares away relaxation like mess and chaos. Ensuring things are tidied away, whether its your children’s toys, your make-up or the weekly food shop, will do wonders for your wellbeing. If you don’t already, try to make sure there is space for everything, particularly the things that tend to get cluttered, by investing in some good quality storage.

Hidden storage like these sliding doors is ideal for bedrooms and spare rooms if you have too much to store as it keeps it neatly tucked away and you can slide the door across so the items aren’t on display.

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Let there be light

While we are heading into the summer months now, all year round its generally more welcoming and cosy to have plenty of lights. Whether you choose to have table lamps or floor lamps alongside ceiling lights, a bright area will leave you glowing from the inside and make others feel more at ease in your space.

We love the glowing ceiling orbs here, they work all year round and look seriously stylish.

Image: Go Modern Furniture

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Bring nature inside

It’s no secret that botanicals and greenery help to keep us relaxed, hence our obsession with houseplants! A big trend for 2021 has been garden rooms, and we think this is key to unlocking the mental benefits of nature all year round. Bring green hues of paint and natural furniture to particular room to channel the effect.

Image: Audenza

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Use soft fabrics

Just like with lighting and botanicals, soft furnishings across the home will automatically ignite feelings of comfort and safety. Layer up cushions on your bed (even if they’re removed when you’re actually going to sleep), and keep blankets and cushions aplenty on your sofa. While they might not be needed at this time of year, if you do get a chilly evening they will be much appreciated.

Image: Walton & Co

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Set up a calm space

Whilst all of the earlier ideas will make a big difference to boosting the relaxing nature of your home and therefore your wellbeing, creating a cosy oasis just for you will go one step further.

Whether it’s a small spare room, a summerhouse or even a repurposed shed that you can go and escape with your thoughts, it will do wonders for your wellbeing, especially if you live in a hectic home. You might choose to read or listen to podcasts, or simply be alone with your thoughts but if you are able, having a special hub to escape to is great. Alternatively, a corner of a room with a windowseat or bean bag with a bookshelf will suffice to being somewhere you go to relax and breathe.

If you don’t have space in your home, look for a place in your community you can walk to, maybe a lake or woodland area where you can get away with your thoughts and feel peaceful.

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