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5 expert tips for pre-batching cocktails

Release your inner mixologist and learn how to pre-batch cocktails like a professional

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Image: Bacardi

Now that we’ve been allowed to sit outside in pub gardens and green spaces to socialise, many of us have got the taste for an alcoholic tipple or two.

But for one reason or another, when entertaining at home or taking drinks to outdoor gatherings, our homemade cocktails can sometimes fall short of expectations.

We spoke to Bacardi Ltd’s Global Head of Education and Mixology, Joe McCantaon on how to make your cocktails the envy of the park or green space this season.

From preparation pointers to ingredient no-nos and ‘grammable ganishes, raise the bar by following these expert tips…

1) Fresh is best

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Image: Pexels

By making up batches in advance, you can save lots of time when you are having a picnic or drinking outdoors. This small step will leave you will more time to spend basking in the sun.  Keep cocktails fresh by holding off adding fruit juice or mixer until the day you’re ready to serve. Sparkling mixers and bubbles, in particular, should definitely be added last, as carbonated drinks lose fizziness quickly.

2) Avoid dairy and eggs

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Unfortunately, ingredients such as ice cream, milk and egg whites can separate over time, particularly if exposed to warm temperatures.  Lighter ingredients – such as a fruit juice or soda water – are more likely to stand the test of time. This will make for a fresh tasting and stable cocktail that won’t split.

3) Ice ice baby

Ice cubes. Credit: Bru-nO | Good Homes Magazine

Image: Pixabay

Ice is a nice way to cool your cocktail and can dilute strong drinks with a higher ABV to create a more balanced taste. But if you don’t fancy lugging a bag of ice to your picnic, add a splash of water to your pre-mix and keep chilled in the fridge. Better still, invest in a cooler box or bag for super chilled cocktails, when you’re on the move.

4) The great garnish

Thyme garnish in cocktail. Credit: Olenka Sergienko / Pexels | Good Homes Magazine

Image: Pixabay

Garnishes are a great way to elevate your cocktails and can quickly transform simple serves into  showstoppers worthy of a social media selfie. Pre-sliced citrus fruits such as lemon, lime and grapefruit are a great way to bring a zesty vibe to your drink. What’s more, they’re easy to prepare and can simply be thrown in a zip lock pouch ready to add at the last minute! Seasonal fruits, such as berries, are also great for adding a touch of summer sweetness. Alternatively, if you’ve been nurturing a herb garden over lockdown, a sprig of mint or rosemary will taste and smell great.

5) Don’t bottle it up!

Dipper Steel large water bottle | Credit: Daisy Park | Good Homes Magazine

Image: Daisy Park

Whilst many of us will be tempted to opt for glass bottles when pre-batching cocktails, you may be surprised to find that they are not the most efficient option for keeping drinks cold. Instead, consider investing in a a metal thermos for keeping beverages cool. You can even freeze your bottle the night before for optimal chilling time, so all that’s left to do it sit back, sip and catch up on lost time!

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