kare pendant lights over a dining table in a dining room

2019’s top wall light trends

September 9, 2019

Decorate a new home or renovate your current one with our edit of the 2019’s wall light trends to stay on top of.

PROMOTED FEATURE kare pendant lights over a dining table in a dining room

It doesn’t matter how incredible your furniture is, how well you’ve hung your pictures or how much that statement coffee table cost, poor lights can completely ruin the vibe of your home. Unsympathetic lighting can really be the weak link in your interior design chain, so it’s wise to stay abreast of the latest trends in an area that sees constant innovation.

Whether you’re in the market for a fancy wall lamp or a simple lantern, you’re spoiled for choice and can use the latest lights to enhance and provide the finishing touch for a whole range of looks…

A bright idea: Industrial style

A vintage industrial look has really been big in pendant lights for a few years, but it’s now coming through to wall lights too. You can cherry-pick these styles by opting for an experienced, well-established and trusted supplier such as, who stock a range of some 30,000 lights and lamps.

Getting wall lighting for living rooms just right is vital as it’s the place, above all others, where you’ll need a mixture of lights for clarity and others for mood. While industrial chic has been traditionally rough around the edges, the very latest lamps have a softer, cleaner edge that works better in lounges.

Going for gold

A modern design wall light

Metallic finishes are a timeless light style, able to blend into most rooms. However, while nickel and chrome lights are never going anywhere, there has been a move towards bronze, copper and now soft gold in recent times.

Wall lamp prices vary widely, from top of the range gold leaf in baroque styles to subtler LEDs, but the choice is vast when it comes to gold, gleaming in the illumination. 

Free up your floor

A wall mounted arc lamp above a sofa

Not everyone has the space required for dramatic floor lamps. Luckily, one of the new lighting trends is to combine the best of design-led standing lamps with wall-mounted practicality.

Wall-mounted lamps for living rooms include arc types that have adjustable height – perfect for creating a reading nook or shining light upon a prized piece of furniture. 

Retro isn’t going anywhere

Wall mounted Ariette light with chair

Trends come and go, but some styles are evergreen. There’s a reason many retro styles are so beloved of those considering giving their lighting scheme a shot in their arm – design classics never age. Browse the plethora of indoor wall lights online and you’ll see colourful Tiffany-style options next to Florentine designs that work beautifully on simple walls as a focal point.

Keep a sharp eye on how lighting trends evolve but, if you don’t know what to opt for, vintage elegance always works, as does sheer simplicity. logo