bedside table with drink and yellow anglepoise lamp

A solution for those in search of illumination

November 5, 2020

Anglepoise, manufacturers of iconic lamps, launch a new mini version


white anglepoise lamp on table next to sofa

Image: Anglepoise

Heritage and history

The history of the Type 75 lamp by Anglepoise runs deep. The original Anglepoise Desk Lamp launched in 1933 and has been refined, adapted and improved over the ensuing decades. The Type 75, however, is a quintessentially modern design, created by Sir Kenneth Grange.

This latest version, designed for smaller spaces, has been tweaked so that the overall sculpture and shape is the same as its siblings but with all the movement kept to the shade. The base has also been revised in this ‘table’ version so that the on/off button sits at its centre – easily reached from a desk or bedside.

bedside table with drink and yellow anglepoise lamp

Image: Anglepoise

Quality without compromise

The smaller profile of this iteration of the lamp adds another layer of user-friendliness, while the precision engineering ensures that you can direct light exactly where it’s needed. There’s a high level of movement in the shade, meaning you can point it where you want to – it works beautifully as an uplighter as well as a downlighter.

Designed once again by Sir Kenneth Grange, Anglepoise’s Design Director, the Type 75 Mini Table has an ergonomically designed on/off switch on the base, and the range light escape on the top of the shade, which allows decorative light to spill out.

white anglepoise lamp in front of dresser shelves

Image: Anglepoise

The colour of light

The Type 75 Mini is particularly great for bedside tables, where it won’t take up too much space, while the directionality means you can steer the light away from your partner if they’re sleeping why you stay up reading or working. There are three classic colours to choose from to match with your look. Black Umber, Mole Grey and Turmeric Gold give you a broad palette to play with.

Built to last, the Type 75 Mini Table comes with a lifetime guarantee. Find out more about this stunning addition to the celebrated Anglepoise range online, along with the rest of their desk lamps, wall and outdoor lights and pendants.

close-up detail of anglepoise lamp

Image: Anglepoise