Segway Navimow H1500E Robotic Lawnmower

The Segway Navimow H1500E Robotic Lawnmower is a revolutionary robotic mower that ditches complex perimeter wires for a seamless virtual boundary. This user-friendly bot gives you additional leisure hours and ensures a consistently pristine lawn. Its newest feature, the VisionFence Sensor, boasts advanced visual perception.

Price: £1,899

Weight: 15.9kg

Recommended cutting area: 1500m2

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Nice and neat, looks stylish and is quite compact considering its scope. The antenna, whilst obviously necessary, is a slightly ugly addition to the garden, particularly if placed on the lawn – but it can be positioned on a nearby fence or garden roof.

Instructions & ease of use
It was slightly tricky to set up (understandably for such a hi-tech bit of kit), particularly as it has to connect to 4G (which was weak at the property), so it worked best when on the Wi-fi. Downloading the App was simple and offered lots of useful video clips, overall the functionality is first class. Working the Mapping feature is also easy as you literally control the mower with your phone around the perimeter of the lawn and back to the starting point – then you’re all set.

Extremely easy – very few parts, just lay it all out, follow the instructions and that’s it!. The ruler (that allows you to keep 15cm from borders or garden boundaries) had a slight tendency to fall off, but it isn’t vital.

Really impressive – the first cut was probably set too low, but you’ll find the optimum cutting height (30-60mm), simply press the button and away it goes. Sit back and let the mower cut and mulch the grass. On a 200m2 lawn it took around 90 minutes and the results were excellent. The only slight grumble was that once left unplugged, the unit drains of power, so you’ll need to keep it plugged in or wait a few hours to charge the unit again.

Overall rating/conclusion
The Segway Navimow 1500E is a fantastic piece of kit, and totally redefines garden maintenance. After a number of uses you’ll never want to go back to a non-robotic mower!