Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri boiler

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri is a compact regular boiler with outputs up to 30kW. It is suitable for small and medium-sized homes, this boiler can be installed in a standard kitchen cupboard. The appliance can be used with Worcester Bosch‘s range of high efficiency Greenstore cylinders.

Worcester Bosch’s entire gas boiler range is able to run on a 20% hydrogen blend – so you can be confident it will run on gas for it’s lifetime. The standard guarantee is seven years, eight years with any Greenstar System Filter and ten years with any Greenstar System Filter + £150 (Non-WAI Excelerate members only)

The Greenstar Ri is compatible with CondenseSure accessory which eliminates the risk of condensed pipes freezing.

Previous purchasers are delighted with the usability and quality of the Greenstar Ri;

‘The Greenstar Ri boiler is excellent. It is noticeably more effective than our old boiler for heating and hot water, and, after experimenting with flow temperature settings and radiator balance, the increase in our heating costs, given energy price rises, has not been quite as difficult as we feared.’

‘The Worcester Bosch Green Star 15 Ri was the perfect boiler installation for my home as was recommended by the installation company. It works really really well, is quiet and extremely efficient. This is a fantastic boiler and runs really smoothly. I would highly recommend it.’

‘Heats the house up quickly, quietly and reliable. I had a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri 24kw condensing central heating boiler installed just over 12 months ago and it has run faultlessly in that time. It has just received its first service with no issues arising. The main improvements over my previous, 22 year old boiler, are that it heats the house up much more quickly, is quieter and is reliable. It also seems to be cheaper to run although that is difficult to confirm, but the other improvements again have made its installation more than worthwhile and as a result I would definitely recommend this boiler.’

‘Great little, high efficiency boiler. Replacement for a 33 year old appliance. Good design and long warranty with the system filter fitted. Very happy.’