5 of the hottest outdoor rug trends

Transform your garden, patio or balcony with one of these outdoor rugs. Trending this summer are striped rugs, runners and the layered look. And yes, outdoor rugs are waterproof, so you can leave them outside whatever the weather!

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1. Layering rugs

Doubling up on rugs is a trend on the rise this year, both in and outside the home. The John Lewis outdoor living collection channels Scandinavian design and lends itself well to experimentation with various shapes, textures and sizes. Layer rugs in natural textures from the ground up to establish subtle intrigue, while mastering the homely appeal of any Scandi look. John Lewis Braided Round Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Marl Grey, £200.

Best outdoor rugs: Scandi patio furniture with round jute rug from John Lewis

John Lewis, Jute round rug, £200

2. Statement outdoor rugs

An outdoor rug can be a great way to add a volume of bold statements in one fell swoop. Large patterned rugs in Mediterranean colours are a particularly loved look right now for the outdoor setup. Throw in some mismatched patterns with pillows and other furnishings to embrace the full eclectic look. But remain within the boundaries of complementary colours to keep everything feeling harmonious. Cuckooland, Lhasa Outdoor Rug, £54.95.

 Outdoor dining inspiration: Try a vibrant rug under the table, like this bright outdoor rug from Cuckooland

Cuckooland, Lhasa Outdoor Rug, £54.95

3. Minimalistic rugs

Sometimes less is best. Gardens are usually an innately vibrant space from the sunlight, beautiful plants and natural colours that inhabit them, so one of the best things you can do is just let nature do the talking. An outdoor rug in either light or dark neutral tones works well to soften the environment while not detracting from the main show, which is, of course, the natural elements. Wayfair, Nature Indoor Outdoor Rug, £299.99.

Circular woven natural minimalist outdoor rug with wooden coffee table and slingback chairs with grey cushions

Wayfair, Nature Indoor Outdoor Rug, £299.99

4. Striped rugs

Stripes are one of those rotational trends that will always come back around, in all their glorious forms, sooner or later. This summer, it’s the rugs that have adopted this timeless pattern as their own. A classic black-and-white patio rug is a sure-fire way to add a sense of sophistication and order to the space. This style an ideal choice for hosting outdoor dinners or classy cocktail parties this summer. Freemans Santa Monica rug, £65-£185.

Black and white striped outdoor rug from Freemans (Santa Monica rug, £65-£190)

Freemans Santa Monica rug, £65-£185

5. Runner rugs

Following the nation’s growing love for runner rugs on stairs, why not embrace this trend on your patio too? Whether you choose to run it down any outdoor steps or just as a complementary addition to the seating area, runners can really alter the feel of a space. A long rectangle shape can also make slim spaces seem bigger, so even garden pathways can benefit from a runner rug. Dunelm Moretti indoor-outdoor runner, from £29.

Blue diamond Moretti indoor outdoor runner, £29 from Dunelm

Dunelm Moretti indoor-outdoor runner, from £29