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How to choose plants for a coastal garden

Whether you live by the coast, or are just trying to recreate a  slice of seafront paradise in your back garden, these hardy plants are perfect for a coastal planting scheme. 

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If you live in a coastal area, you may need to adapt your choice of planting in the garden to meet the harsher conditions that living near the sea can afford. However, you don’t have to live by the sea in order to create a sea-inspired scheme for your outside space, but copying this signature planting of hardy shrubs and flowers is the perfect way to recreate the feel of a getaway to the coast, in your own back garden.

The experts at Dobbies have filled us in on a few of the plants and shrubs that work for gardens near the sea and help create a coastal vibe.


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Not only is rosemary a hardy shrub that looks gorgeous but it will scent your garden, too. There are many herbs that will happily grow in seaside gardens, including sage and thyme, so it’s easy to create an outdoor garden patch which supplies fresh herbs to your kitchen.

Sea holly (Eryngium)

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Planting sea holly, a spiky, durable plant, will attract bees and butterflies to your coastal-inspired garden. With striking, thistle-like flowers, they prefer a bright and sunny spot with dry and well-drained soil.


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Hydrangeas thrive in sandy soil conditions and they come in a variety of shades including nautical blue, pretty lilacs and blush pinks for a country coastal feel. It’s important to keep hydrangeas well hydrated in hot weather, they can take a lot of watering!

Ornamental grasses

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Image: Pixabay

Ornamental grasses are perfect for seaside gardens, as they can endure coastal conditions such as strong winds and rainfall with ease. There are many varieties available and are better planted in groups to create a support network.

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Cordyline Australis

cordyline australis plant - garden - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Gardening Express

These palm-like evergreen shrubs thrive by the coast, so don’t be surprised to see them in many seaside front gardens. Plant in a sunny, but sheltered spot. Cordyline Australis may be frost hardy, but if you’re prone to extreme cold snaps come winter, wrap the trunk with fleece to prevent cold damage, especially in younger shrubs.


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Lavender is an extremely hardy plant. Drought tolerant and low maintenance, it is often seen growing in gardens by the sea as they work well in pots as well as planted in soil. Plant lavender either side of your front door for a welcoming and soothing scent.


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