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How to attract more birds to your garden

As we gear up for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, we share top tips and advice to bring more birds into your garden

Blue tit bird in garden nest birdwatch

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Every year, RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch weekend falls at the end of January with thousands of people tracking the number of birds venturing into their gardens. This year it falls between the 29th and 31st January, and we can’t wait to get our binoculars out and peek at the feathered friends visiting us.

In case you’d like to increase the volume of birds in your own garden, we’ve brought together some expert advice to help you encourage more birds into your garden during 2021, scroll down for some serious inspiration!

Birdwatch in action


Image: Pixabay

Watching is the key to learning, and keeping an eye on any birds you do get in the garden will help you to plan out what you can do to attract more. It will also help you to track what kinds of birds are visiting you, so you can then tailor your approach to suit the birds in your area.

Keeping a close eye on the birds will also help you to establish the best spot to place any bird feeders or other products that will help your garden. Remember, placement is crucial as birds will want to keep an eye out for potential predators, so open spaces work well. You may also want to keep them a fair distance from where you sit so that the noise doesn’t become too much!

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Feeding the birds

If you have the right treats in your feeders, birds are more likely to pay you a visit.

So what are the right foods for this time of year? Pet buyer at Wilko, Daniel Bingham, explains: ‘Wild bird food such as dried mealworms and sunflower hearts are always good, safe bets. In the colder winter months though, high energy suet for birds is more important so try to space apart your bird feeders for smaller birds on tree branches, and then fill them with fat balls that will give them the nutrition they need.’

Don’t forget about water

Birds need to have plenty of water for bathing and drinking, so once your feeders are in place it’s definitely worth investing in something to ensure your garden visitors can have a nice drink and a wash in your garden. We recommend investing in a bird bath or similar and then placing it in a safe space.

Image: Pixabay

Keep it clean

It’s crucial to remember to replace bird feed regularly as once it’s gone off it can be incredibly damaging for birdlife. The best advice? Begin by filling your bird feeders with a limited amount of food, that way you won’t end up with food hanging around for what could potentially be months.

If you can, try to factor in a regular clean of your bird feeders, bath and any other accessories you have to ensure they’re germ-free and fit for birds to come and play.

Patience is key

Once you start implementing these tips it might still take some time to build up a bird gathering in your garden. Just like humans, birds take time to build up trust in people but once they’ve got used to the new food source, you’re bound to get plenty of feathered visitors.

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