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Beginner gardener? Here’s the 10 tools you should own

June 16, 2020

Not sure where to start with the right equipment to start and maintain your garden? Here are the key tools you’ll need and what they can be used for..

wood handle garden tools - goodhomesmagazine.com

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If your green-fingers are only just starting to sprout, getting to grips with your garden can be a steep learning curve. However, as you start to learn how best to care for different plants and keep your garden looking in great shape all year around, having the right tools to hand to maintain your outdoor space is key.

We’ve picked 10 of the most useful garden essentials to get you started.


A spade is a really versatile tool for the garden and one to put at the top of your garden essentials list. It’s the perfect tool for efficiently digging holes for planting, moving materials around the garden and edging your border.

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Where a spade might struggle in tougher soil conditions, such as dense or rocky earth, a pronged fork is a great way to loosen up this material. A curved fork can also be used for composting, while a flat fork may be better for digging into really tough soil.

Hand trowel 

Where long handed spades aren’t so useful when kneeling to tend to your beds, a hand trowel is an easy to wield option. Wider bladed trowels are best for moving soil, while those with a narrower head are perfect for digging up weeds with long, stubborn roots.


If you have a large garden space that you need to plant and weed, then a hoe is a good tool to have at your disposal for turning up soil. Different head styles are suited to different tasks, so identify the key jobs you need it for and pick accordingly.

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Loppers are long-handed garden cutters. You’ll need these for hard-to-reach areas and to cut thicker branches back.


Long-bladed shears are useful for cutting hedges and bushes, especially when trying to achieve a sleek, topiary-style look.


Secateurs are for hand-pruning small areas, and are ideal for dead-heading flowers to encourage better growth.

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Invest in a good pair of gloves from the outset and save your hands from the wear and tear that comes with a heavy-duty gardening session.

Watering system

Depending on the size of the garden, you’ll need to invest in a way to water your plants. In small gardens a watering can may suffice, but in larger spaces, you’ll need to make sure you have a water supply outside that you can attach a hose too. Look for heads that deliver a gentle rainfall-like spray to avoid damaging delicate plants and flowers.


Especially useful if you have deciduous trees, shrubs or bushes in your garden, a rake makes clearing fallen leaves and debris easy.


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