Written by Jennifer Turner

Boost your outdoor space with durable, design-led fences

Explore new fencing options that are both built to last and built for looks. 


 garden chairs in back garden with watering can and wooden fences

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Thinking about revamping your outdoor space? We take a look at ways in which you can improve your garden and achieve your design goals using a contemporary fencing solution.

Make your garden great

One of the easiest ways to add immediate value to your property, while enhancing its look, is to upgrade your fence. The most recent Hiscox Renovations and Extensions Report discovered that tackling the garden is now the third most popular form of domestic home improvement.

If you’re looking to make a change, then it’s useful to know about the latest trends and arrivals in the garden fence market. In recent years, a number of new products have been developed which can help you create a fuss-free, stylish outdoor environment but with peace of mind too.

 table chairs and childrens toys in back garden with wooden fencing

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The problem with posts

In the past, options have always been limited when it came to upgrading a garden fence, especially with regards to the fence posts. This choice usually resulted in either timber or concrete posts but, unfortunately, both materials have their limitations. While timber products might look nice, they’re not particularly durable and often rot and warp. Which makes things particularly difficult during storms.

Similarly, concrete posts might have a long lifespan by comparison with wood but are only available in limited and unappealing styles and are susceptible to cracking over time.

Thankfully, this trade-off is now a thing of the past. Unlike before, new galvanised steel fence post systems combine the benefits of both materials and provide much greater choice and flexibility with regards to design.

 table and chairs on outdoor patio with wooden fencing behind

Image: DuraPost

Peerless posts

One such system, DuraPost® by FENCEMATE, is an innovative galvanised steel fence post system, which is strong and durable as well as stylish and maintenance free.

Available in 3 powder coat paint colours – Olive Grey, Sepia Brown and Anthracite Grey – as well as an unpainted galvanised steel option, DuraPost® is suitable for a variety of contemporary or traditional colour schemes.

The product also has a sleek in-line design, allowing it to sit flush with the chosen fence panels without protruding out into the garden. If you’re looking to create a modern, minimalistic design, then the subtle flush post profiles are ideal.

As well as offering ample design choice, DuraPost® can be used with virtually any fence panel or onsite fencing. What’s more, the range can be finished with a selection of colour matched accessories, including aluminium capping rails, composite gravel boards and galvanised steel Post Caps.

 close up of garden gate and fence hinge

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Steel with style

Another big advantage is that, compared to concrete and timber solutions, galvanised steel systems are far quicker and easier to fit, helping you cut down on installation time and labour costs. On top of everything else, the system is backed by a 25-year guarantee – the ideal ‘fit and forget’ solution.

The latest steel fence posts are providing a modern option for those with creative design plans. At the forefront of this trend is DuraPost® by FENCEMATE, the innovative solution that is helping homeowners to achieve ambitious landscaping designs with simple installation and long-lasting, durable performance.

 outdoor table chairs and planters with wooden fences

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To find your local stockist of DuraPost® by FENCEMATE visit www.durapost.co.uk or call 0345 646 0591.

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