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Artificial grass: the ultimate care guide

Our guide to getting your artificial grass ready for private garden gatherings on the 29th March.

Image: Grass Direct

We’re all getting ready for outdoor entertaining as, all being well, we’ll be able to invite another household over for a garden gathering next week. While we’re looking forward to socialising, the pressure is on to get a gardens looking amazing and ready for guests (it’s not like we’ve had a whole year to prepare or anything).

Many of us have turned to artificial grass in recent years due to the appealing nature of the lower maintenance method and all-round use. In fact, Grass Direct have found an increase of 289% year on year since February 2020 on orders of artificial grass. However, while artificial grass is arguably less maintenance than ordinary grass, it does still need to be looked after. Read on to discover top tips from Grass Direct on how to take care of your artificial grass and make it look great all year round.

Check your grass

Image: Grass Direct, @stricklyhome

Just because it’s artificial, doesn’t mean it won’t get dirty. Keeping a regular eye on it to ensure you collect any loose dirt, leaves or other debris will ensure they don’t get stuck in the grass blades ruining the look. Simply use a rubber rake or a brush to get them out as soon as you spot them.

Use a sand infill

While prepping for your first guests on the 29th March, make sure you check your blades. If they’re looking a little flat, brush them back and top them up with an extra layer of infill which will help it retain the correct shape and be admired by your visitors.

Keep it clean

Image: Grass Direct

Investing in a specialist cleaning treatment will ensure your grass is in the best condition, but remember to rinse it down afterwards. If you’re treating a stain on the grass, don’t push down too hard and blot with a damp cloth or paper towel directly before applying the treatment.

Make sure grass is fitted properly

Ensuring your grass has been fitted correctly will mean the turf can properly drain after rainfall. If the system is blocked, this will cause the water to lie stagnant so making sure you take time to test your drainage before and after the installation of your artificial grass will avoid this issue.

Remember to apply weed killer before it’s laid

Image: Grass Direct

If you know your garden is prone to weeds, gently pull out any surface ones that you can see. Then rinse down with a power washer before applying a weed killer treatment to tackle them. Remember to use a week membrane during the installation of the artificial grass to keep weeds at bay.

Repair any seams, tears or holes immediately

To make sure your artificial grass is looking the best it can, ensure you clear and prevent any distress that comes to it before it can cause real damage. This will ensure it stays looking sleek and brand new, whilst also prolonging the lifespan.

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