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9 clever storage ideas for kids bedrooms

Finding stylish yet practical home storage is always a challenge, particularly in a small space, but throw kids and their toys, books and plastic tat into the equation, and the task becomes even more of a battle.

But having children doesn’t mean you have to surrender your home to unsightly storage boxes, particularly as there are some pretty important benefits of kids having a tidy bedroom, aesthetics aside.

As grown-ups, we know that a clean and organised living space is important for our health and wellbeing. But having a clutter-free bedroom can also have significant mental health benefits for your child. Research has revealed that a neat and organised space can support your child’s emotional wellbeing and promote good mental health.

“Rooms that are organised evoke feelings of calm, which is why clever and efficient storage in a child’s room is so critical,” explains Rachal Hutcheson, national retail manager, Sharps.

Plus when kids have a particular area for their things, it helps to incorporate a sense of responsibility.

The problem is, putting together a well-designed bedroom for little ones comes with a number of challenges, starting with the size.

“Kids rooms are usually smaller, which means space for designing and organising is very limited,” explains architect and interior designer, Priyanshi Jain.

Changing needs is another consideration.

“As kids grow, their needs for clothes, toys, stationery and other items also change,” explains Priyanshi.

“This makes it important to have a storage solution that is flexible and easy to renovate from time to time.”

Thankfully, there are some ways to introduce stylish yet super flexible storage into your child’s bedroom, to tidy the toys and banish painful steps on the Lego for good.

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Opt for a high sleeper

One basic storage hack is sourcing a higher bed (that your child can still climb on) but that has space for storage underneath.

“You can then have some curtains made to cover this space underneath,” advises Kelly Collins, interior designer and head of creative at Swyft.

“Not only does this make more storage but it also adds some colour into the room and makes a feature of the bed. A striped fabric is perfect for this.”

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Go multi-purpose

Children’s bedrooms need to serve a whole plethora of purposes so when considering the design, it’s important to look for pieces that are multifunctional and can adapt.

“When choosing storage for kids’ bedrooms, it is important to make sure the storage is multi-use to help save space,” explains Kelly.

“For example, choosing an ottoman which your kids can sit on that also has storage underneath. Our Swyft Storage 03 Ottoman is perfect for this. It’s also important to find something with a design that will age with the child to ensure longevity.” 

Choose furniture carefully

For tricky spaces, Rachal recommends a mid-sleeper or cabin bed as a smart small space idea. Some come with a desk, storage and bed built in, so you can zone the room with a study station, storage place, chill-out zone and sleeping area.

“Integrated furniture such as desks, beds and shelving are the most obvious ways to create dedicated areas that blend in seamlessly with the room, whilst providing functional spaces to store things away,” she explains.

“Cabin beds are classic pieces that never fail to delight children of most ages, with bases made up of deep drawers, and cupboards and overhead shelves are also ideal for keeping the floor tidy and reserved only for playing.

“If you have window space in the room, consider a bay window to add extra seating with storage for any excess toys and books.”

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Add a pop of colour

Inject vibrancy into the room by adding pops of colour into practical storage.

“If you want to add a unique touch of personality to your kids room, unexpected colour combinations like mustard and sage, olive and lilac or poppy and ocean look oh-so-cool next to one another and give off fresh, playful, energising vibes,” says Becca Stern, creative director and co-founder of Mustard Made.

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Include a place for creativity

When designing a child’s bedroom, it is important to balance the space by leaving enough open floor space for play and movement.

“A pull-out desk is a great option where space is short, or when more room is needed for playing on the floor,” explains Kate Palmer, creative director, The Painted Furniture Company.

“Children also love the ‘magic’ when the desk is hidden away or ‘disappears’. Having a dedicated desk also encourages their creativity, and when filled with fun pens and art supplies, will also hopefully help with getting homework completed.”

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Think outside the storage box

Priyanshi suggests collecting some interesting tree branches and securing them to the wall.

“Build a book shelf around them to make it look unique,” she adds.

She also suggests repurposing an old suitcase as a table-come-storage compartment.

“Place it near the bed and keep a lamp, books on it, and other important stuff inside it to utilise any unused space,” Priyanshi says.

Finally, she suggests upcycling painted tin cans as storage.

“Collect tin cans of various sizes and paint them with your favourite colours. Stick them to the walls to create a vibrant look to store toys, pens and other items,” Priyanshi adds.

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Make provisions for sleepovers

When planning your little one’s bedroom, it’s important to factor in other uses of the bedroom space, such as entertaining their friends and hosting sleepovers.

“If your child loves a sleepover and you’re sick of getting the air bed out every weekend, you could opt for a trundle bed which has a pull out bed underneath,” suggests Jonathan Warren, bed specialist and director at Time4Sleep.

“Everyone sleeps well and the space is much easier to tidy away.”

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Put in pull out play areas

Never overlook the value of under-bed drawers that double up as pull-out play areas.

“This novel storage solution opens up the often-overlooked space underneath your child’s bed by giving them a designated spot for playing with their toys and games,” explains Darren Logue, director at Sliding Robes Direct.

“This way, kids can have their favourite items close to hand yet neatly out of sight.”

Another plus point is that pull-out play areas inherently encourage kids to tidy up after themselves, as they provide a dedicated space for stowing away toys so they don’t visibly clutter up the room.

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Display key items

Kids’ rooms are often the smallest in the house, so it’s a good idea to use the walls for storage so you aren’t impacting on the footprint of the floor and that all-important play space.

Darren recommends incorporating a pegboard wall where kids can hang and display their favourite items, from books to artwork and small toys.

“This allows your child to personalise their room based on their specific passions and interests while simultaneously freeing up precious floor and shelf space,” he explains.

“This storage method is highly versatile and customisable, adapting to your child’s emerging personality as they grow.

“This savvy storage solution also cultivates organisational and presentational skills by giving kids a fun and interactive way to showcase their belongings while keeping them off the floor, making clean-up an absolute breeze.”