Back to uni: storage solutions

September 13, 2021

As students across the country prepare to return to university for a *hopefully* more normal year, it’s time to get organised. Student digs have their loveable elements, but space unfortunately isn’t usually one of them! From box rooms in student halls to squishing eight people into a house share, going back to uni is always going to require storage solutions.

Whether it’s helping you to store your shampoo securely in the communal bathroom or practical furniture to save valuable bedroom space. We’ve picked out some of the best, affordable options on the market to help you through…

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Wheelie wonder

Keep things off your desk, windowsill and most importantly, your floor, with this great storage hack. The wheel element means you can move it around your room with ease, and the three separate levels mean you can easily split up your stuff. Alternatively, this can be great for the communal kitchen if you’re limited with cupboard space. The savvy trolley could store tins, jars or even cleaning products.

Back to uni storage on wheels

£35, JYSK

Stylish shelfie

Sharing a bathroom with multiple people is aways stressful. Navigating slots for showering, keeping it clean and storing everyones products is a minefield, but we have a solution (to the last part anyway). This on-trend multipurpose shelfie hangs on the back of the door, taking up minimal space whilst keeping your products tidied away.

£20, Dunelm

Vacuum pack

Designed to fit snugly under your bed this is perfect for keeping your clothes and bedding neatly stored without taking up precious space in your wardrobe. The Under bed Vacuum Storage bag will compress your bedding or clothes into a fraction of their original size, and allow you to pack everything in neatly. Once filled, seal the inner bag with a vacuum to suck out the air and zip up the outer bag.

Not only is this a space saving storage piece, but it also helps to keep the contents away from dust and moisture so they can emerge in the same conditions as they went in.

Back to uni storage bag for clothes and bedding

£22.99, Lakeland

Study space

The main reason students are at uni, aside from going out and having fun, is to study! Keep your paperwork and notes in check with this desk box. It keeps the clutter away from your desk whilst still giving you a place to tidy everything away.

£69, Folk Interiors

Box it up

Rather than letting your stuff pile up, having boxes to keep it in will help the aesthetics of your space and help you feel more in control. These fabric boxes from the affordable Anyday range by John Lewis are the perfect compromise between stylish and practical.

Fabric grey boxes on white background

£10, John Lewis



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